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Email Marketing Software with Best Value for Money

High performance email marketing with competitive pricing.
Choose the package that suits your needs.
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Prepaid Plans

For flexible sendings

Email PackagesCPT*Price
1,000 emails each month$0$0
Subsequent emails:prepaid
500 emails $24,00 $12
1,000 emails$24,00$24
5,000 emails$14,00$70
10,000 emails$12,50$125
25,000 emails$10,00$250
50,000 emails$9,70$485
100,000 emails$7,50$750
500,000 emails$3,40$1.700
1,000,000 emails$1,96$1.960

For bigger packages please contact us.

Test Now for Free
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Pay As You Go
  • Email credits never expire
  • Free Support Included
  • Unlimited Picture Hosting Included
  • Free Webinars included

for Money

Monthly Plans

Perfect for regular sendings

Subscription PackageCPT*Price
1,000 emails each month$0$0
Subsequent emails:monthly
500 emails $18,00 $9
1,000 emails$12,00$12
5,000 emails$8,00$40
10,000 emails$6,00$60
25,000 emails$4,80$120
50,000 emails$4,50$225
100,000 emails$3,50$350
500,000 emails$1,24$620
1,000,000 emails$0,75$750

For bigger packages please contact us.

Test Now for Free
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • You can cancel or change your plan
  • Credits are valid for 30 days
  • Free Support Included
  • Unlimited Picture Hosting Included
  • Free Webinars Included

Premium HTML Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates according to your wishes:
Get responsive premium newsletter templates with webshop integrations if needed (1 click product transfer).

Premium Template

For Professionals

Professional Templateprepaid $649
Newsletter Template Design+$149
1 Click Product Transfer Setup+$149
1 Click Content Transfer Setup+$149
Premium Newsletter in Corporate Design
Personalized Design Blocks in Corporate Design
Newsletter Optimized HTML
100% Hand Coded
Optimized for Mobile (Responsive Design)
2 Feedback Loops
Tested for Correct Display in 15 Clients

Premium Template Pro

For Professionals

Premium-Vorlage Pro prepaid $1,119
Newsletter Template Design +$149
1 Click Product Transfer Setup +$149
1 Click Content Transfer Setup +$149
Premium Newsletter in Corporate Design
Personalized Design Blocks in Corporate Design
Newsletter Optimized HTML
100% Hand Coded
Optimized for Mobile (Responsive Design)
2 Feedback Loops
Tested for Correct Display in 30 Clients

The order process explained:

  1. Log in to your account and order a premium newsletter template under account > top up account
    If you do not currently have a newsletter design, you can order a custom designed template – we’ll design it for you.
  2. If you already have a newsletter design that you’d like to use, send it to us via email.
  3. We program the template exactly how you want it to look.
  4. If everything looks great, we’ll upload the premium newsletter template into your Newsletter2Go account.

The above process takes from 7 up to 10 working days, on average.

Please Note:  

You can edit and change text and images in your template even after it has been fully programmed.

If you’d like to have a premium newsletter template in your own corporate design as an alternative to our free newsletter templates, we’re happy to create one for you. We can also create a template using your own custom design. Check out some examples of premium templates here.

The premium newsletter template works with these 15 email clients:

The premium newsletter template pro works additionally with these email clients:

  • Apple Mail 8
  • Apple Mail 9
  • Apple Mail 10
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2011
  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016 (Win)
  • Thunderbird
  • Android 5.1.0
  • iPad Air iOS 9
  • iPad 2 iOS 7
  • iPad Mini iOS 7
  • iPad Mini iOS 9
  • iPhone 5S iOS 9
  • iPhone 6 iOS 9
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Android Gmail 6
  • Gmail App iOS 7
  • iPad Retina iOS 8
  • iPhone 6+ iOS 9
  • (Chrome Win)
  • GMX
  • AOL (Chrome Win)
  • Gmail (Chrome Win)
  • Google Apps (Chrome Win)
  • Office 365 (Chrome Win)

Custom Signup and Unsubscribe Sites

Let your users keep you in mind. Utilize the power of branding.

Signup and Unsubscribe Sites

Signup and Unsubscribe Sitesprepaid $299
Custom Domain+ $299
Your Logo on the Sites
Landing Pages in Your Design
Unsubscribe Reason Survey
Font, Color, Text,
Background Adjustment

Would you like to display your corporate design, logos and colors from the very first contact with your customers?

  • Every page in your corporate design
  • Adaptation of the unsubscribe questions
  • Your logo on the signup and unsubscribe sites
  • Adaptation of your font, colors, texts and backgrounds

Adapt every site that your recipients visit with your corporate design. From the first registration page to the last site after unsubscribe – all of these sites can be personalized. Enjoy the benefits of automated unsubscribe management. Error pages, for example after a failed registration, will also be automatically adapted. The website will be in line with the company’s preferred fonts and colors. You can even personalize the unsubscribe questionnaire. Read more about custom registration and unsubscribe sites here.

Extra Features for Successful Email Marketing

Use sophisticated email marketing features: tested for correct display in 36 clients,
white label solutions for agencies and exclusive, dedicated IPs for better delivery rates


Client Testingmonthly $59
Email Preview in 36 Clients
Optimal Email Display
Check Templates per Request
Quick Procedure
Learn More

White Label Solution

Whitelabellingmonthly $149
Set-up Freeprepaid $199
Add Your Logo
Color Adjustment
User Rights Management
Individual Site Notice
Custom Log-in & Log-out Site
Learn More

Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPsmonthly $99
Set-up Feeprepaid $99
24/7 IP Reputation Monitoring
CSA Certification
Warmed up IPs
Return Path Certification upon Request
Learn More

Client Testing

You want to test the display, above-the-fold area or the responsive design within your newsletter? Newsletter client testing enables you to test your newsletter in more than 36 different email clients. You can be sure, before your newsletters ever reach your customers, that they will look perfect on every device and in every email client. You can also use this service to test your own custom-made newsletter templates.


White Label Solution

Newsletter2Go offers you the opportunity to white label our professional email marketing software. You can use our newsletter software under your name. Swap the Newsletter2Go logo for your own company logo and use your own corporate colors. Register users and manage their rights. Learn more about white labelling.

Dedicated IPs

We offer you the option of sending your email marketing campaigns using dedicated IPs. We can make as many IPs available to you as you wish that can then be used for sending your newsletter. This will allow you to achieve better delivery rates and maximize your newsletter marketing optionsLearn more about dedicated IPs.


Credit Payback

Newsletter2Go rewards you for great email marketing. The better your email campaign performs, the cheaper it will be for you. Learn More

All-Round Package

  • Access Full Version for Free

Use our software free of charge. Access free integrations and plugins, unlimited address books and high speed delivery.

  • High Quality Support

You can use the fast email- or telephone-support. Our support team will help you and answer all your questions.

  • Ad-free Emails

Use our newsletter software to send emails that are absolutely ad-free. Send out 1,000 free emails on a monthly basis.

  • High Speed Delivery

All the Newsletter2Go accounts use whitelisted certified newsletter delivery systems. Each user can send out up to 1 million emails per hour.

Convinced? Try it now!

Sign up to use our free newsletter software, with access to every feature, totally risk-free and without obligations.
1,000 emails per month are included for all customers.

What does it cost to send Newsletters?

The newsletter software is completely free to use, and you only pay for the emails that you want to send. There is neither a basic fee, nor a set-up fee, nor are there any hidden costs. You only pay when you actually send a newsletter. This ensures transparency and trust.

More and more people are deciding to use our powerful newsletter software. Try Newsletter2Go – we think you’ll love it. Learn more about our newsletter tool.

How can I pay Newsletter2Go?

In order to load credits into your Newsletter2Go account, you can use your credit card or paypal.

We use 256-bit SSL encryption for all of our payment processes, so your data is safe and is used in absolutely confidence.