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Newsletter tool for effective email marketing

Launch high-impact email campaigns with our simple yet powerful newsletter tool.
Create and send professional newsletters, manage your contacts and track performance in real-time.

Are you looking to quickly and easily create your own professional newsletter that reaches your target audience? It’s well worth it: email marketing is the most profitable marketing tool available.

Our email marketing software is the ideal tool for creating and launching personalized, powerful email marketing campaigns. Our high-performance newsletter tool is free to use and offers you everything you need to create, send and track your marketing campaigns.

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Newsletter2Go’s email newsletter tool

  • Newsletter creation made easy
  • Straightforward contact management
  • High-performance e-commerce plug-ins
  • Delivery rates of over 99%
  • High-speed dispatch (up to 3 million emails per hour per customer)
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Comprehensive reporting tools and analytics
  • Free use of the newsletter tool

How does the newsletter tool work?

Our tool for sending newsletters is extremely user-friendly – it functions like Word and is just as easy to use.

The newsletter tool combines the four most important elements that you can use to create an effective email marketing campaign:

  1. Newsletter editor
  2. Contact management
  3. Newsletter dispatch
  4. Analysis tools

Thanks to the high-performance newsletter editor, you can create your newsletter in just a few clicks. The newsletter can be modified and personalized according to your needs. Our email marketing tool allows you to easily create your newsletter: from customizing the layout to adding your own content, images and other personalized features. You can also insert your own dynamic unsubscribe link, use the 1-click product transfer feature and integrate your own legal imprint.

The recipient management function offers you diverse possibilities to create, edit, and use assorted recipient groups. You can important recipients from a file or via a plug-In.

When sending newsletters, we ensure that your newsletter reaches the right recipient at the right time. The emails travel over whitelisted servers, ensuring the highest possible delivery rates. Your emails will arrive on time: guaranteed.

The newsletter tool contains powerful analysis tools, giving you insights into the status of your email marketing campaign, and allowing you to make adjustments in real-time to increase the efficiency of your email marketing.

1. Create your ideal newsletter

You can use several different functions when designing the layout of your newsletter. These functions are incredibly easy to use – they function similarly to Microsoft Word. You can choose from 50 high-quality free templates that we have already created. All of our templates incorporate responsive design, meaning that the newsletter looks great on whichever device your recipients are using: desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Using the tool’s block functionality, you can import your own text into the newsletter or enter it manually. You have full control over the text size, color and style.

The 1-click product transfer tool allows for the automatic import of your online shop products into the newsletter. The 1-click content transfer enables the automatic import of content from various other platforms, including WordPress and other CMS systems directly into your newsletter.

In order to ensure that your newsletter is legally compliant, we offer an automatic unsubscribe management tool as well as the possibility to import your company’s contact and legal information.

Our automated mailing software (series campaigns, lifecycle campaigns, retargeting, etc.) are a powerful way for you to maintain contact with your customers, reactivate lapsed users, and build your high-performance email marketing campaign.

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manage contacts

2. Effortless contact management

Recipient management is an essential component of effective email marketing. Not only can you save time, but you can ensure that the right email is sent to the right recipient at the right time. Our newsletter tool offers several useful functions for effective address management.

Recipient lists can be easily imported using Excel or CSV files. Alternatively, you can use one of the many e-commerce plug-ins to automatically synchronize your contact list with the newsletter address book. No further manual entry is required if you use this option. We also provide a secure double opt-in registration form, ensuring that your newsletters are only sent to those who have actively subscribed.

As soon as your recipients have been imported, you can quickly divide them into target groups. Dynamic groups automatically create and edit lists based on criteria that you select. This ensures that the right newsletter arrives in the right inbox.

All of the data that you import with your recipients can be used as characteristics within the target groups. This means that you can automatically divide your recipients into smaller categories, allowing the creation of custom, precisely targeted email marketing campaigns. Learn more about our e-commerce newsletter software.

3. Certified dispatch – without being checked for spam

The delivery rate for sent newsletters is the decisive factor in an email marketing campaign’s success. It doesn’t matter how great the actual newsletter looks if it sits unopened in your customer’s spam folder.

At Newsletter2Go, we have developed several powerful tools that ensure that your emails almost never get marked as spam.

All of your emails are sent via Newsletter2Go’s whitelisted servers, meaning that they are not scanned by email providers – and therefore arrive directly in your recipients’ inboxes. You can also check your newsletter before you send it using our spam check function, which checks your newsletter against hundreds of criteria that spam filters look for.

Thanks to these tools, Newsletter2Go can ensure a delivery rate of over 99% – all across the world! Learn how to increase your delivery rate with Newsletter2Go AND boost your conversion rate.

certified email dispatch
certified dispatch
track email performance

4. Measure success and discover optimization potential

Email marketing campaigns need to be continually tracked, measured and improved to ensure their long-term success. The Newsletter2Go newsletter tool makes measuring your campaigns easy. Our software automatically analyzes delivery and open rates, as well as where people clicked in the newsletter – and a number of other important statistics besides.

Our newsletter tool offers you powerful and detailed tools to track and analyze your email marketing campaign in real-time. Use the analysis to continually improve your newsletter’s performance and understand in detail what’s working – and what needs to be improved.

Tip: You can use the click map to determine where, and on which links, your recipients clicked and which content (products, pictures, text links) was particularly effective. Place the most popular content “above the fold” – i.e. in the uppermost section of the newsletter that the reader will see first. This can help to boost conversion rates and increases the overall effectiveness of the newsletter.

Why a high-performance newsletter tool is important

The main benefits:


email marketing campaigns

Create professional email marketing campaigns in a matter of clicks

The short version? Save time and increase revenue with our email marketing tool! Time-consuming manual input is kept to an absolute minimum.

A tool for everyone
: Our newsletter tool gives you access to sophisticated functions and features, allowing you to create professional email marketing campaigns. From effortlessly creating newsletters to efficient delivery and real-time analysis – everything in one software program. You won’t ever need any other tools.

Additionally, everyone can send up to 1,000 emails per month with access to more than 100 practical functions – completely free. This includes every feature of the professional newsletter tool, such as responsive design templates, e-Commerce plug-ins, CRM and CMS plug-ins, automated campaigns and tracking tools. This is available for every client, whether you’re a multinational corporation, an industry association, or an agency.

High-performance, immediate and secure delivery: The newsletter tool is built especially for mass email delivery and can dispatch high volumes quickly and securely. Our servers can process up to 3 million emails per hour. Your newsletters are immediately delivered without delay. All emails are delivered via whitelisted servers or via our own IP addresses, ensuring that the right email is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Summary: With the Newsletter2Go newsletter tool, you can save valuable time and resources. Create and send professional email campaigns in minutes, and develop a long-term strategy for engaging your customers.

Benefits of the newsletter tool

Optimal display thanks to free design templates

You have access to more than 30+ free templates that you can adapt to your individual needs. We can also create a custom newsletter template together with you using your own corporate design, brands and logos.

All templates have been extensively tested across all major email platforms (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, GMX, etc.) to ensure consistent display. You know that you are on the safe side, and that your emails will always display exactly how you want them to.

responsive design
create newsletters no html

Easy to create – even without HTML knowledge

With our drag-and-drop editor, your creativity knows no bounds. The newsletter tool enables you to create professional email marketing campaigns without prior knowledge of HTML or PHP.

Use the block tools in the newsletter editor to build your newsletter exactly how you want it. Create exciting newsletter designs that are automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Work from anywhere with our cloud-based newsletter tool

The newsletter service is available to you all day, every day – for free. In contrast to certain open-source and full-price software, you will never need to download anything. Use the software directly in the browser – anytime, anywhere.

Your Newsletter2Go software is always up to date. You don’t need to worry about manually downloading updates, because we are continually improving the software and adding useful functions.

This includes both synchronizations in the sending function as well as newly added systems. These updates are always free for you to use.

cloud-based newsletter tool
secure email dispatch

Send emails reliably and securely

The newsletter tool offers a range of whitelisting and certification functions. Newsletter2Go is certified by CSA, ReturnPath and ISIPP SuretyMail. Your marketing campaigns are always sent over secure and reliable servers, avoiding spam filters and arriving directly in recipients’ inboxes. By using Newsletter2Go software, you are automatically listed as a trusted sender by email providers.

It’s worth it: More than 99% of Newsletter2Go’s messages are successfully delivered. With our email marketing tool, you can be sure that your emails will almost never be blocked by spam filters or blacklists.

Guaranteed legal compliance

Data security is our highest priority. All data that is stored on our servers complies with German data security standards. The entire newsletter tool fulfills the requirements of the German Data Security Law. Recipient data is never shared or used for advertising purposes.

The legal security of our clients is guaranteed. The use of the double opt-in registration approach, and the sending of a confirmation email, is very easy and ensures that only those who have registered for a newsletter will receive it.

free to use software

Use it for free

You receive 1,000 free email credits every month with our email marketing tool. You only need to place an order if you send more. You can learn more about our prices here.

Email marketing tools – a comparison

Feature Newsletter2Go Other providers
1,000 free emails per month – ad-free Yes No
Credit paybacks Yes No
1-click product transfer Yes Sometimes
Telephone support (German and English) Yes Sometimes
A/B testing with several versions Yes Sometimes
Servers in Germany Yes Sometimes

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