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40 Awesome Newsletter Template Examples
That Will Inspire You

Reach your audience, boost brand recognition and save time with a custom design for your newsletter or email campaign.
Let our collection of template examples for email campaigns and newsletters spark your own creativity.

newsletter template
food newsletter template example
custom email design
kokedama newsletter template
Tropenhaus newsletter template example
botanical newsletter template
custom design newsletter elephants
newsletter template examples
email newsletter examples
newsletter template custom design
newsletter template example radio

Whether you’re sending internal company newsletters, updates from your nonprofit or a university alumni newsletter, the template you choose impacts your subscribers’ overall impression of your missive.

Here are some questions to think about as you peruse the newsletter examples below:

✔ How will you make your newsletter design eye-catching?
✔ What color scheme will you use? How can you make your newsletter unique without straying too far from your branding?
✔ Will you have just one call-to-action (CTA) or multiple CTAs? Where will you place them for the best overall effect?
✔ How will you ensure a good balance of text and image?

Remember, when you create a newsletter, you want it to be both easy-to-read and striking! Check out more newsletter design tips on our blog.

Tropenhaus newsletter template example
custom email template
Belletrice newsletter example
ecommerce newsletter template example
Gardening template example
Globus newsletter template example
example template football
email template in custom design
professional email template example
responsive email template examples
flowers newsletter template
newsletter template design ecommerce
beauty industry email template
newsletter template hotel industry
email newsletter custom template
newsletter template example
food and drink newsletter example template
mocavi newsletter template
newsletter template

When creating email campaigns with the goal of selling your products and services, it’s all about optimizing for conversion rates. Make sure you use conversion-centric email design so the recipient’s eye is drawn to the CTA.

Here are some questions to think about as you peruse the email templates below:

✔ Does the header entice the recipient to keep scrolling?
✔ Are you grouping your products thematically?
✔ Have you included space for content blocks that can be personalized to specific contact segments?
✔ You’ll want to use a variety of templates for all your email marketing needs. How can you vary your template slightly without having to redo the whole thing? Colors? Placement? Content?

newsletter template
beauty email template example
example template football
custom design newsletter
hospitality newsletter example
custom email template
email newsletter template example

Don’t have the time to stress about your own template design? Let us handle it. Our customizations team created every one of these templates you see on this page. (Yeah, we weren’t exactly being modest when we said all the templates were awesome. We really ❤ our customizations team!)

We’d be happy to create yours, too. See our pricing information or get in touch.

Feeling inspired?

Start your own Newsletter2Go account to create templates for your next newsletter or email campaign.
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