A Complete Road Map for Moving Your Email Marketing From CleverReach to Newsletter2Go

New to Newsletter2Go, but not new to email marketing?

For former users of CleverReach’s email marketing software, this migration road map will walk you through everything you need to do when moving your contacts, mailings and templates from CleverReach to Newsletter2Go.

It shows you both basic and more advanced steps, so users of all abilities will get their questions answered!


What terms do you need to know when making the shift to Newsletter2Go?

ContactsRecipients / Subscribers
Campaign detailsEmail settings
Campaign editorEmail content
GeotrackingWorld map
Email client testingDesign testing
Click mapOverlay
DOI sign-up formsDOI registrations


Import Your Contacts

You’ve made the switch to Newsletter2Go, now you want to import your most valuable resource: your email contact list.

✅ Export Your Contacts From CleverReach

When exporting contacts from CleverReach, make sure to export ALL your lists:

  • Subscribers
  • Blacklist
  • Unsubscribes

By default, you will always get a list from the current view you are working on. This means that if you are managing one of your segments and you click the export option, then the exported file will include the recipients contained in that specific segment only.

  1. Navigate to Recipients
  2. Select the contact list you want to export (not just the segment!)
  3. Click on the download button on the upper-right
  4. Select CSV format
  5. Once the export process is complete, you’ll receive an email with a download link
  6. If your contact list is not too big, you should be able to retrieve such file instantly. If you have a lot of contacts, this will take a bit longer

✅ Import Your Contacts to Newsletter2Go

Once you have your CSV files ready to be imported to Newsletter2Go, you want to make sure your list setup is aligned to what you previously had in CleverReach. Make sure you import each list separately: your subscribers, blacklist and unsubscribes.

Your Newsletter2Go account will scan your CSV file when you upload it, so you don’t need to worry about any incompatibilities with the CleverReach file formatting.

For each list:

    1. Upload your CleverReach CSV file
    2. Once it’s uploaded, you’ll receive a notification at the top right of your screen that your file is ready
    3. Click on Continue Import in the notification
    4. A screen will appear asking you to map your CSV file columns to contact attributes in Newsletter2Go
    5. Map all columns to existing attributes
    6. Create new attributes, if necessary, to match to any remaining columns
    7. At the bottom of the screen, you have the options to create a segment, send a double opt-in email (not necessary if your contacts opted-in to your mailings through CleverReach’s software), and empty your contact list before import
    8. Below these, remember to set the Contact Status. This is where you specify if these contacts are subscribers (active), blacklisted or unsubscribed (inactive)
    9. Start the import

Repeat this process for your other lists.

👉 If you have an integration set up between Newsletter2Go and your e-commerce platform or CRM, then you can sync data automatically without having to import your contacts manually.


Set Up Your Templates

When working with Newsletter2Go, you have several template options:

  • Layout templates: All users have access to over 40 layout templates, which are preprogrammed HTML templates you can fill with your own content.
  • Ready-to-go templates: Standard and Pro users can also use any of our ready-to-go templates. These designed templates come prefilled with content blocks, images and color palettes you can use straight away or adjust as needed.
  • Self-created templates: You have the option to order custom templates, save campaigns as templates or upload your own HTML templates.

✅ Save Campaigns as Templates Directly From the Editor

In the middle of creating a campaign and have the sudden desire to save and reuse it?

No problem.

You don’t have to click out of your campaign to save it as a template. Simply click on Save as Template in the top menu bar of the Editor.

✅ Set Up 1-Click Product Transfer or Content Transfer

These two features, which aren’t available at CleverReach, will save you tons of time and stress. Create campaigns more quickly by building these features into your templates.

💡 1-click product transfer is a great tool for e-commerce retailers. It saves you tons of time during campaign creation by automatically importing product details from your online shop to your mailing.

  1. Set up an integration with your e-commerce platform
  2. Drag and drop a 1-click product transfer content block into your mailing
  3. Enter the product number associated with the item you want to showcase

Voila! All the product details (images, description, price, link) will automatically populate that content block in your campaign.

👉 Do you send newsletters that feature recent blog posts you wrote? If you do, then 1-click content transfer will save you hours of copying and pasting. Connect your website to your Newsletter2Go account and you can import blog images, descriptions, authors and links with a single click. You’ll need to purchase a premium template in order to use this feature.

Learn all about the software integrations Newsletter2Go offers.

Order a Premium Template

Need a good-looking template programmed in your corporate identity, but don’t have time to make it yourself?

Our Custom Product Solutions team works closely with clients to create templates that meet their needs.

Check out some examples of premium templates they’ve created for clients. Or head over directly to our pricing page to learn more about template pricing options.

👉 Our Custom Product Solutions team can also program and design sign-up and unsubscribe pages for you.
newsletter templates

✅ Adjusting Your Existing Templates

If you’re bringing your custom HTML templates over from CleverReach, it’s easy to upload them and store them in your Newsletter2Go account. Just note this one important change:

💡 Personalizations: If your templates use personalizations, such as greetings, you’ll have to make the following small adjustment to your template editing:

  • Change all single brackets to double brackets. Newsletter2Go uses a double bracket for placeholders, e.g., {{FIRSTNAME}}, whereas CleverReach uses a single bracket for their placeholders, e.g., {FIRSTNAME}.


Send Your First Campaign

📌 Here are the steps you’ve already completed:

✔ Imported your contacts (subscribers, blacklists and unsubscribes)?
✔ Chose, ordered or uploaded your email templates

Now you’re ready to send your first campaign. Here are some differences to note when using Newsletter2Go:

💡 Preview text and personalization: In the second step of campaign creation, Details, you have more options to control your campaign’s envelope details (known as the email settings in CleverReach).

  • You’ll see a field for entering the preview text. You don’t have to change the HTML of the email just to set your preview text
  • You can personalize much more than just the subject line. This lets you address different target groups more effectively in one campaign. Read more about using personalization options. Fields you can personalize:
    • Subject line
    • Preview text
    • Sender name

💡 More control of the email’s look: When working in the Editor (the fourth step of campaign creation), you have more flexibility in determining how your mailing will look.

  • Use the layout blocks to set up columns in your mailing and then drag content blocks into these layout blocks

💡 Over 1,000,000 free photos: You may also enjoy our integration with Unsplash, a source of royalty-free professional photographs for any occasion.

💡 Automatic link testing: In the last step of campaign creation, you’ll notice a link test. This tests that all links you’ve included function properly.

👉 We don’t insert any of our own branding into your email, even for users on the freemium Lite Plan.

Advanced Step: Set Options for Sending

Have more technical questions? Let’s dive deeper into the changes to your technical setup.

✅ Set Up DKIM and SPF for Increased Deliverability

Setting up DKIM, SPF and Sender ID in your Newsletter2Go account will improve the deliverability of your emails.

If you already have set these up in CleverReach, you actually don’t have to worry that any adjustments will break your current settings.

Your DKIM and SPF can be set in both platforms without any problems.

💡 One issue is that your SPF record might require too many DNS queries to be evaluated. If you’re unsure how many you have, use an online SPF survey tool to double-check the amount of DNS queries assigned for your domain.

  • If that number is equal to or less than 10, you have nothing to worry about!
  • If it’s greater than 10, you should make lower it so you can ensure great deliverability regardless of your ESP. Contact our support if you need help with this!

✅ Benefit From a More Autonomous API

📢 How does the API work?

The whole Newsletter2Go UI works over our API implementation.

This means all actions executed in the website go through this interface. You can perform whatever call you want.

If you’re curious about this, check the network traffic in your browser while interacting with the Newsletter2Go site. You’ll see a vast amount of calls that can be replicated and executed from your custom systems.

If you’d like a less experimental approach to our interface, we welcome you to check out our official API documentation site.

This guide will help you learn the correct code formats and the different ways to exchange data with our systems. Just a few of the calls you can execute include …

  • Creating maintenance routines for your contact lists
  • Setting up transactional mailings
  • Embedding automated double opt-in subscriptions right into your website

📢 How can I set up transactional mailings?

Transactional mailings are a cool feature you’ll definitely want to explore. There are two ways to create them:

💡 You can create and deploy transactional mailings straight from the API.

💡 You or you marketing team can also create transactional mailings in our editor tool.

  • To code your implementation for a transactional mailing created in the editor tool, get the Newsletter ID from the mailing.
  • With this you can easily distribute that email according to specific triggering actions your customers might do in your system.
  • Some sample implementations include …
    • Sign-up form confirmations
    • Purchase confirmations
    • Password change requests
    • Shipping notifications and more

✅ Get More Versatility for Your PHP-Based Systems

If your custom system is based on PHP, then you don’t have to go through the tedious task of developing the whole authentication flow or creating custom code for each call.

With our PHP wrapper library you can implement solutions in a matter of minutes. Just add your credentials to the standalone PHP class and make calls to over 30 supported endpoints straight from your backend code.

You can easily perform actions such as …

  • Making updates to your contacts’ data
  • Retrieving campaign reports and displaying them on your custom dashboard
  • Automating routines to sync contact lists to your local database

💡 Check out our GitHub repository.

Or you can also install it via composer like so:


Track Campaign Performance

📌 Here are the steps you’ve already completed:

✔ Imported your contacts (subscribers, blacklists and unsubscribes)?
✔ Chose, ordered or uploaded your email templates?
✔ Sent your first mailing?
✔ Advanced: Set up DKIM, SPF Record and Sender ID?
✔ Advanced: Set up transactional mailings to send through the API?
✔ Advanced: Used the PHP wrapper library?

When working with Newsletter2Go reporting, you have more flexibility with your reporting than you did in CleverReach.

You have more options for seeing the big picture, as well as ways to get a more granular understanding of campaign performance.

💡 When you click into your Reports tab, you’ll see a graph of campaign performance over time.

  • This lets you quickly and easily visualize how your different campaigns have performed in comparison to each other
  • Choose which two metrics to compare and segment by time, day or quarter

💡 Scroll down to click on the individual campaign reports. Within the individual campaign reports, you can group and filter results however you need.

💡 Once you’ve sent a campaign, you’ll want to know not just how it performed overall, but specifically how it performed with specific target groups.

  • With our cluster reporting, you can filter your reporting view
  • This lets you look at how your campaign performed with different target groups and at specific times
  • For example, you can filter by gender, location or any other attributes you’ve set
  • You can even filter by more than one attribute at a time

✅ View Activity

Much like CleverReach’s Activities area, in the Newsletter2Go Activity area, you can see who interacted with your email. From here you can save these contacts to a new segment as well as export them.

💡 You’ll notice that under the Unsubscribes tab …

  • Your Newsletter2Go account will also list the reasons that contacts unsubscribed from your mailings
  • This information, however, is only available for 7 days
  • After that, in keeping with GDPR standards, this contact information will be deleted
  • However, you will be unable to re-upload a contact who once unsubscribed

Advanced Step: Migrate Custom and Conversion Tracking

✅ Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Swapping your conversion tracking from CleverReach to Newsletter2Go is quite easy. Follow these steps:

  1. First, remove the CleverReach JavaScript tracking snippet from your eCommerce landing page
  2. Toggle on the conversion tracking option in your Newsletter2Go account
  3. Once you’ve turned this feature on, you’ll see your account ID displayed on your settings. Grab this ID and paste it over the phrase “Your ID” in the tracking snippet below
  4. Now you’re ready to embed the code snippet into your website. You can also follow our detailed technical guide on this

✅ Set Up Custom Tracking

If you would like to make use of a custom tracking domain for your site, you can do this with Newsletter2Go. This is a great thing to implement if you want to have full control of the reputation of your sending domain.

  1. In your email settings, toggle on the Custom Tracking Domain
  2. Add your HTTP site domain. You can also use a subdomain for this purpose

You can take a deeper look at how to do this at this help article.


Use Roles for More Granular Permissions

📌 Here are the steps you’ve already completed:

✔ Imported your contacts (subscribers, blacklists and unsubscribes)?
✔ Chose, ordered or uploaded your email templates?
✔ Sent your first mailing?
✔ Advanced: Set up DKIM, SPF Record and Sender ID?
✔ Advanced: Set up transactional mailings to send through the API?
✔ Advanced: Used the PHP wrapper library?
✔ Accessed reports?
✔ Applied cluster reporting for more granular insights?
 Advanced: Set up conversion tracking?
✔ Advanced: Set up custom tracking?

📢 What are roles?

Starting in the Standard Plan, you can create up to 5 different users with different roles. (The Pro Plan allows for unlimited users.)

Set up roles to manage which permissions users have.

💡 Nearly every software function can be subject to permissions.

📢 Why use roles?

Want to have one of your junior team members create mailings but not send them? Want a colleague from another team to be able to view your reports but make sure they don’t get bogged down by contact lists and mailings? Want to give an external freelancer permission to work with only one contact list?

Set up specific roles for these users, so users have access tailored to their needs. Learn more about our multiuser solution – a level of control you won’t be able to get with CleverReach.

📢 How do I set up roles?

  1. Navigate to your Account area (from the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen).
  2. Navigate into the Role Management tab
  3. Create New User Role
  4. Toggle on and off whichever permissions you’d like them to have
  5. Save the new role
  6. Navigate into the User Management tab
  7. Select Create New User and assign them the role you created for them

👉 If you have API calls set up in your custom system, you can make use of the API role.

This will ensure you have all permissions granted when performing actions through the interface (Create, Read, Update, Delete). This is convenient because it’s the actual role your custom system will be using to interface with our backend. Set it to be fully autonomous when doing operations for most convenience.

Now you’re good to go! You’ve learned about the most powerful benefits of Newsletter2Go. Go forth and rock your email marketing!

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