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Recipe For The Perfect Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

November 3, 2016

How to Create The Perfect Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

The holiday season has already started for e-commerce owners and it’s high time to start planning a Christmas email marketing campaign. In 2015, 34% of shoppers started researching gifts before Black Friday and around 20% made purchases. Black Friday in 2015 resulted in $2.74 billion in sales and Black Friday 2016 is predicted to be the biggest day of spending of all time.

We’ve created a helpful infographic that will guide you when launching the perfect Christmas email marketing campaign.


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1. Plan

If you’d like to boost Christmas sales, add email marketing to your strategy.

More than 70% of users prefer to receive advertising offers by email

40:1 ROI on email

If you want to create the perfect Christmas marketing campaign, you need a good recipe, the right ingredients and the right timing.

Key events:

  • Black Friday: 29 November
  • Cyber Monday: 2 December
  • Christmas Day: 25 December

First of all, your newsletter content should be relevant. Send your subscribers their favorite products and make your offers irresistible.

Segmented emails boost open rates twice as much as as non-segmented campaigns.

Personalize it!

Personalized emails have higher open rates by 26% and higher click rates by 41%.

Personalize it up:

Personalized emails have higher open rates by 26% and higher click rates by 41%.

Christmas is all about gift giving. Help your subscribers to choose the right gift.

  • Suggest gift inspiration lists
  • Insert products that other customers liked
  • Send out personalized recommendations based on your users’ search history

2. The Design

You don’t need to go for a completely new email design to give your newsletter a Christmas look. Even subtle changes will make a big difference.

  • Go for typical Christmas colors
  • Add Christmas graphics
  • Use Christmas-themed CTAs
  • Insert festive pictures
Extra tip: Using a Christmas email template will go a long way

More than 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Therefore, each email should be responsive. It should also have …

  • Buttons that are easily clickable
  • Large fonts
  • Plenty of whitespace for readability

3. Email Dispatch

The right sending time may be different for each target group.

You’ll want to monitor customer behavior before and during the holiday time to tailor you emails accordingly.

  • Send out product recommendations before Christmas
  • Send out promo codes and vouchers during Christmas time

In e-commerce, pre-Christmas sales usually end around December 15. This is mainly related to shipping times.

Follow-up emails with sale offers will draw last-minute shoppers and bargain hunters.

You don’t want to be busy with newsletters during holidays. Therefore, email automation is your best bet. Use it to send …

  • Welcome emails
  • Christmas offers for loyal customers
  • Abandoned cart emails

4. Campaign Analysis

Don’t rest on your laurels. Results analysis will help you set up your goals for the next year.

Pay close attention to these numbers:

  • Open rates
  • Click rates
  • Conversion rates

You can segment your clients based on campaign outcomes. The more specific campaigns you set up next year, the more likely it is that you will get better results.

  • Segment your clients by revenue. Segment A could be made up of high-revenue customers, B of middle revenue and C of low revenue customers.
  • Segment by buying behavior (currency, frequency, purchase value)
  • Segment by pattern (potential, loyalty, risk disposition)

As you can see, creating a Christmas email marketing campaign is easy. We wish you a happy Christmas sales season!

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