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The Periodic Table of Email Marketing

July 13, 2017

Successful Email Marketing: The Most Important Elements at a Glance 

There is more to email marketing than a sender, message and recipient. Good email marketing is an art form, and the success of your campaign depends on many different factors. Our periodic table presents the most important elements – for beginners and experts alike.

The Periodic Table of Email Marketing

Get personal!

We have divided our periodic table into different colors. Dark green represents those elements that relate to your target audience: segmentation and personalization. This brings us to step 1 on the to-do list: segment your target audience by common characteristics. With the Newsletter2Go newsletter software, this is child’s play.

Time it right

Light green stands for all timing-related elements. This includes both when you send your emails and how often – two of the most crucial factors for email performance.

Email & Campaign Type

Once you’ve found the optimal send time, it’s time to decide on a newsletter type. Here, we distinguish between email type and campaign. Email automation (email type) refers to emails that are sent out automatically, such as reactivation or welcome campaigns. Manual emails include things like product newsletters or informational emails. A/B testing is ideal for trying out different versions of the same email.


Now onto content. The most important factors to consider here are subject line, preheader and salutation, which should all be tailored to the recipient. Adapt the language and tone of voice, include an engaging call to action, choose an interesting topic and an appealing design. Last but not least, optimize your sender details (name and email address).

Track KPIs

Reports are the icing on the cake. They provide invaluable insight into how your emails performed. You can view all the most important metrics at a glance – such as bounce rate, open rate, click through and conversion rate. With these stats to hand, you can constantly improve your email marketing strategy.

Lead Magnets, Technicalities & Legal Factors

Last but not least, technical and legal factors are not to be overlooked. First and foremost, responsive design is a must. This ensures that your email displays correctly on mobile devices. With our client testing feature, you can easily test how your email looks before you send it. A dedicated IP address is not essential, but it can be beneficial to your sender reputation. Compliance with data protection laws is an absolute must, and we also recommend using the double opt-in process when collecting email addresses. Finally, every email should contain an unsubscribe link as well as your sender details in the footer.

Another important to-do: grow your email list. Create incentives that motivate the user to subscribe to your newsletter. Share lead magnets via social media or place them on your blog, and be sure to optimize your sign-up form. Above all else, be creative

Consider all these crucial elements of good email marketing and ensure your campaign is a success.

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