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Email Marketing Checklist

November 21, 2017

email marketing checklist

Foolproof newsletters: A step-by-step guide

When sending an email newsletter to thousands of contacts, the last thing you want to do is forget something crucial. For foolproof email marketing, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist. Simply work your way through the list and you’re ready to hit send!

The most important things to check before hitting send:

1. Newsletter design

The design of your newsletter is crucial. Above all, the email needs to display properly across different end devices, so responsive design is a must. Set the newsletter width so that it looks good on both desktop clients and mobile devices: 600px is optimal. In terms of branding, it’s important to insert your company logo and align the email colors and fonts accordingly. This will help your recipients to recognize who is sending the email. For easy readability, use sufficient whitespace to break up different elements within the newsletter. Last but not least, be sure to include a text and web version.

2. Content

The newsletter content should always be sorted according to relevance, and it should be immediately clear what the email is about. Whilst all the email content should be relevant to your recipients, the most important information should be placed above-the-fold where it can be seen without scrolling.

Next, insert compelling call-to-action buttons that clearly guide the reader to take a certain action. It’s also important to add alt-text to any images; if the image fails to load, this text will be displayed instead.

Another important factor is personalization. Greet your recipients by name in order to make your emails more personal. You can also personalize the subject line, but make sure you avoid typically spammy words and phrases. Of course, you also want to encourage your readers to share your content, so don’t forget to include social share buttons.

3. Legal compliance

As a rule, you can only send your newsletter to recipients who have expressly given you their permission to do so. The newsletter itself must contain a clearly visible unsubscribe link, so that the user can opt out at any time. It’s also best to include your company details in the email footer, such as address and contact details.

4. Recipients

Before sending a newsletter, check that your contact list is up-to-date. With Newsletter2Go, your address books are updated automatically if a new user subscribes or unsubscribes. Under no circumstances should you continue to contact addresses that have unsubscribed or been listed as hard bounces. This may affect your long-term delivery rate and, worst-case scenario, lead to spam complaints.

Segment your contacts according to common attributes, such as location or age group. This enables you to tailor your content more specifically in order to meet the needs of each recipient.

5. Dispatch

Choose a relevant subject line that accurately reflects the content of your newsletter whilst making the reader curious enough to read on. You can find tips on how to write effective subject lines here. You can also include a preheader – or preview text – to expand on the subject line and further convince the reader to open your email.

It’s also important to fill out the sender name and email address, as this adds credibility to your emails. For more information, check out our 10 tips for optimizing your sender address.

Be sure to send yourself a test before sending it out to your subscribers. This way, you can check the email displays correctly and make sure that all links are working.

Finally, set the send time for your email. Schedule it for a time that best suits your audience – i.e. when they are most likely to read and open it.

6. Tracking

Tracking and analysis also has an important part to play. Newsletter2Go will automatically track the most important KPIs, such as open rate, click rate, bounce rate and unsubscribes.

With the clickmap feature, you can also see which links proved most popular with your recipients, and the geolocation function shows you exactly where the opens and clicks took place. This data is extremely useful for target group segmentation.

With every newsletter you send, keep an eye on any trends that develop. This will enable you to gain an overview of how your emails perform and which areas can be optimized.

Email marketing checklist

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