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Email Marketing in a Hurry: How to Create a Newsletter in 15 Minutes

October 5, 2017

How to create a professional newsletter in minimal time

Want to send out more newsletters but struggle to find the time? Think it takes days to complete and send each newsletter? Fear not – it can be much quicker. In fact, with the right tricks and techniques, you can create a professional newsletter in 15 minutes. Here’s how!

Create a newsletter in 15 minutes

1. Who should receive your newsletter?

First, you need to decide who should receive your newsletter. You can upload your contacts from an existing file, or select recipients from your current address books based on their attributes. Whichever method you choose, this step can be completed in a matter of minutes. When importing contacts from a file, any existing recipient data and attributes are automatically recognized and saved. Segments can also be saved in just one click.

How to upload recipients
How to create contact segments

Time: 3 minutes

2. How should your newsletter look?

Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you have to forego professional design. With the help of a visual editor tool, designing a HTML newsletter requires little more effort than a plain text email. To save time, use a ready-made HTML template; all you need to do then is insert your own content. Choose a template that matches the topic of your newsletter – for example, an Easter, birthday or Christmas template.

Important: A responsive email template is absolutely essential. Only responsive newsletters are displayed correctly on each end device, such as smartphones and tablets. All Newsletter2Go templates are responsive.

Choose a template

Time: 1 minute

3. What should your newsletter contain?

Now you can define a subject line and sender name for your newsletter. For your subject line, the shorter and clearer, the better. Describe as succinctly as possible what the reader can expect when they open the email. A personal, concrete subject line is always better than generic text: for example, “Happy Easter, Mr. Jones” instead of “Easter Newsletter”. The sender name is important as it enables the recipient to instantly recognize who has sent the email – and thus helps to build trust. Enter the name of your company or the name of someone who works there, for example “Anna Smith from Company Inc”.

How to come up with the perfect subject line

Next, insert your logo. Simply upload it to your media library and insert it into your newsletter by drag-and-drop. You can also insert a teaser image.

How to insert images

To insert text, simply copy and paste directly into your newsletter. Use a personalized greeting placeholder in order to address the reader by name. Ready-made personalization formulas can be found under “frequently used”.

How to insert a personalized greeting

Time: 7 minutes

4. Finishing touches

Now for some finishing touches. To avoid display problems, be sure to insert a link to the web version of your newsletter. This enables the reader to retrieve the email in their browser if it doesn’t load. The link to the web version is already stored as a link type in the Newsletter2Go software, and can be inserted in just one click.

How to insert a link to the web version

Every recipient must be able to unsubscribe from your newsletter at any time. Therefore, each of your newsletters should contain a working unsubscribe link. To insert an unsubscribe link, simply click “insert link” in the editor tool and select “unsubscribe link” as the link type. It is best to place this link at the bottom of the newsletter.

How to insert an unsubscribe link

Last but not least, every newsletter should contain your company imprint. When creating emails with Newsletter2Go, your company imprint will be automatically added to each newsletter.

Time: 2 minutes

5. Test

Finally, make sure your email is ready for the inbox. Send yourself a test email to check that everything is as it should be.

How to send a test email

Check that all images load and display correctly, and click all links to make sure they lead to the desired page. Finally, check for typos and make sure that the personalization placeholder is working.

Time: 2 minutes

Looking good? Then you’re ready to send your newsletter! Mission accomplished – your own professional newsletter in 15 minutes.

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