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40+ Free Newsletter Templates & Tips You Can Use Today

Need a good email newsletter template but not sure where to start? Look no further. We’ve got all the basics you need to get started: from template design tips to a peek at the standard and free newsletter templates you can get in our software. And because email templates do not come in a one-size-fits-all option, we also have information on how to choose the right template for varying situations, from sales campaigns to birthday emails.

What Makes a Good Email Template?

newsletter templates

An HTML email template for a newsletter or other campaign needs several key components to give it that professional look.

The first part, which is known as above the fold, has to cover the most important information in a short amount of space. This means hit them with an attractive header and pique their interest with a concise and engaging introduction.

Why does this matter most? Because this is where your contact decides if they want to keep scrolling or if they’re going to click delete.

Throughout the rest of the email, keep the reader engaged and visually break up the text. You can use bullet points, Q&As, clear sections and dividers, quotes and standout headlines. Make sure you have a good balance of text and image. Most importantly, don’t forget to place strategic calls to action (CTA)s either as plain text or as eye-catching buttons.

Finally, all of this will come to naught (meaning, it will be unreadable) if you don’t have a responsive email template. Responsive means that a template will display flawlessly on any device.

Need some template inspiration? Check out these newsletter template examples we’ve designed.

💡 Still need more template design tips? Check out our newsletter design tips and our post about how to boost brand recognition with your corporate newsletter design.

What Email Template Design Will Best Fit My Goal?

These day companies, bloggers, news outlets, nonprofits and schools are some of the biggest sectors using email marketing – but they’re not the only ones.

Given the diverse array of sectors using email marketing for a diverse array of goals, it makes sense that they’d all need different types of email templates. Let’s start by matching email marketing goals to template design.

GoalBest Email Template Design
To share informationThe classic newsletter provides subscribers with the latest news, trends or updates. Think, for example, of the daily briefings news platforms like "The New York Times" or "Washington Post" distribute. Newsletters can also take the format of a blog recap, with short summaries and links to recent blog posts. In general, these templates are often simply designed with repeatable formats and clear divisions between stories for easy skimming.
To sell products or servicesAn email template that aims to sell products or services looks quite different from a classic newsletter. It’s more colorful with compelling images; emotional, persuasive copy; and purchase incentives. Instead of in-text links, outgoing links are formatted as eye-catching CTA buttons, often offset in contrasting colors.
To boost customer loyaltyCustomer lifecycle campaigns – with the goal of boosting customer loyalty – are a particular type of sales campaign. These can include birthday emails, welcome mailings and re-engagement campaigns. They differ from a standard sales campaign in that these mailings only have one single goal. Instead of listing a variety of goods and services to entice the subscriber, they offer a birthday coupon or a re-engagement bonus. Their template design will be more pared down and the CTA button impossible to miss.
To grow communityEmails for growing community are a subtle mixture of the classic newsletter and the sales campaign. Nonprofits, schools and B2B companies all regularly send out email campaigns with this aim. They want their readers thinking and talking about them. When done well, these emails include topics specifically tailored to the reader. They can open with a personal greeting and a short message making the subscriber feel personally addressed. If they do include sales pitches, these are subtly woven into the text.

How Do I Create My Own Template?


From theory to practice. Now that you know what makes a good newsletter design and how to match your purpose to your template, how do you go about actually creating your own newsletter?

You don’t need to know the slightest thing about HTML or programming to use a newsletter template from Newsletter2Go. All you need to create an HTML newsletter or other email campaign is an internet browser and your imagination.

To get you started, our software has over 30 layout templates, available to all customers, including those on our Lite Plan. To use these, insert your text and images into the given format. That’s all you need to do to get your newsletter good to go. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to customize these templates to match your preferences.

You can also save any finalized email as a template. Ideal for a monthly newsletter template!

💡 You can also design your own HTML newsletter, although it’ll take some programming knowledge!

Free Professionally Designed Email Templates

If you don’t have time to create your newsletter based on a layout template, then why not use one of our ready-to-go templates? These are preloaded with images, fonts and a color palette.

A select number of our ready-to-go templates are available for all Newsletter2Go users. These include holiday-themed newsletter templates, e-commerce campaign templates and more!

We have created easy-to-use email templates that ensure plenty of design freedom and flexibility.

All our templates are programmed in HTML and ready for you to edit and tweak if you’d like. You can change the background image or color, add new design blocks, or rearrange the existing image and text blocks. Upload images, alter the layout and insert text.

With our email editor tool, it’s incredibly easy to get creative and make the template your own.

Our email newsletter templates are all responsive, so they look great on any device. In fact, they look more like professional websites or printed newsletters – but cost way less. Check out our free templates below:


Wanna Use These Templates?

Then Sign Up for Your Account Today!

40+ More Email Templates for Every Occasion
Available Starting in the Standard Plan

Starting in the Standard Plan, users have access to 40+ responsive, ready-to-go email templates.

Whatever industry you’re in or holiday you want to celebrate with your customers, we’ve got you covered. From birthday newsletter templates to Valentine’s Day newsletters – or even a custom message to mark six months since a user subscribed to your email list – whatever the occasion, you’ll find a fitting ready-to-go template.

Using these templates makes it easy to keep your customers engaged and maintain regular contact with lifecycle mailings. Need to send a happy birthday message but don’t have time to come up with a template? Just grab ours!

Plus, we’re always adding to our collection. We love to create email templates that empower our customers to drive results. Keep your eyes out for the best newsletter templates for your brand!

Like all our email templates, these templates are easy to modify and adapt. Make them your own with just a few clicks!

Browse a selection of them below:


How To Use Templates

HTML templates

With the ready-to-go templates, at the most basic level, all you have to do is upload your logo, integrate your products or your content and you’re good to go!

Or, you can use these templates as a starting point for your own template with a strong brand identity. This means you’ll want to change the colors (background color, link color and font color), and maybe even change the font.

Unless you have 1-click product or content transfer, you’ll have to upload your images, as well. Although, you also have the option of using any of the 1,000,000 gorgeous royalty-free photos from Unsplash through our Unsplash integration.

Once you’ve adapted the template so it perfectly fits your corporate identity, save the email as a template so you can use it again next time. See? Our campaign editor also functions as a template builder!

If you’re using one of our free newsletter templates that’s a layout template, then it’s often easiest to get one content block exactly the way you want it (padding, size, font) and then simply duplicate it to insert more. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can easily rearrange content and images however you’d like. You can even draft your content directly in the editor, which has a text editor similar to Microsoft Word.

💡 Do these templates still not have enough branding for you? If you need your template to perfectly reflect your corporate identity, consider hiring us to design a template just for you!

We’ll program and/or design it according to your specifications. Learn more about our customized premium templates.

Tried and Tested Email Templates

email client testing

Every inbox provider renders the HTML of an email slightly differently. But we want to offer our users the best email templates that work with all email clients! This is why we test our templates in 36+ email clients. This guarantees that your emails display properly in the most popular web, mobile and desktop clients.

Our templates are tested in the following clients:

  • Web clients: AOL, BOL, Comcast, EarthLink, Freenet.de, Gmail, GMX, Libero, Mail.ru, Outlook.com, Orange.fr, T-Online.de, Web.de, Yahoo
  • Desktop clients: Apple Mail, Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Outlook 2003–most recent Thunderbird, Windows Mail
  • Mobile clients: Android, BlackBerry 9930, Gmail App ioS, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone iOS, Kindle Fire

Integrate Products & Content With One Click

If you’re sending out a blog recap newsletter or an email sales campaign with your latest products, inserting the details of these items can take a lot of time.

With the 1-click product transfer feature, you can import entire product blocks into your email. Spare yourself the tedious manual copy-paste process. Transfer all the most important product details in just one click – including image, link, price and description.

The same goes for 1-click content transfer, which automatically inserts author, title, date, URL, images and content description.

You can use 1-click product transfer or 1-click content transfer with many of the ready-to-go templates available starting in the Standard Plan.


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