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Zen Cart Newsletter Module

Add newsletter functionality with the Zen Cart newsletter module:

  • Automatic contact synchronization (available with Standard Plan & up) 
  • 1- click product and content transfer
  • A/B tests (available with Standard Plan & up)
  • Live reports and conversion tracking
  • Secure and certified shipping (CSA)
  • Send 1,000 newsletters for free
zencart integration

Drive growth with the Zen Cart module

Use the free Zen Cart newsletter software integration tool to add powerful sending capability to your E-commerce platform. Synchronize your contacts, sales data and product information from your platform with your new email marketing capability. Newsletter2Go takes care of the daily sync’s and lets you import product information and photos directly into your newsletter without additional hassle.

The integration of the Zen Cart newsletter module also offers you comprehensive and easily viewable real time reporting functions that allow you to track your newsletter campaign in real time. You can use geotracking, click maps and multivariate cluster analysis to watch your success in real time.

Contact Synchronization:
The newsletter integration features daily contact synchronization with your platform. With the Zen cart module, you can use traits from your online commerce platform to build responsive and automatically updating contact profiles. Send fantastic offers at the perfect time to the right people with this powerful and free Zen cart newsletter integration.

More information can be found here: contact synchronization

1-Click Product Transfer:

A good sales newsletter should not just generate sales. It should also be easy to create. You can send professional newsletters in just 5 minutes. This is exactly what we’ve done with the exclusive 1 Click Product Transfer feature. Transfer product information, photos, prices and other identifying information directly into your newsletter with just one click. This will save you the arduous task of copying over individual elements and reformatting everything. In order to access this premium feature, we’ll design your own premium newsletter template using your firm’s design and logos.

The premium template speaks via the Zen Cart integration directly with your store, so that you can import all important product information into your newsletter simply by entering the product number.

More information can be found here: 1-click product transfer

Note: The contact synchronization with your system is free. To use 1-click product transfer, you will need a one-time premium newsletter template. These can be booked by email at *protected email* or in your Newsletter2Go account. The template creation is, of course, programmed and designed exactly according to your wishes.

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