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WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Take advantage of the WordPress Plugin

  • Free WordPress Integration
  • Newsletters in your corporate design
  • Add your contacts to groups immediately
  • High delivery rates thanks to whitelisted servers
wordpress integration

Add Newsletter Signup Form to WordPress

With Newsletter2Go, you can add newsletter signup form to WordPress in no time. Use the WordPress plugin to turn website visitors into subscribers. Thanks to it, you can create and edit the signup form directly in WordPress. Feel free to adjust questions your visitors will see once they decide to join your email list. Moreover, the plugin will indicate the groups that your subscribers were classified under. Save your precious time for other marketing pursuits: with the WordPress newsletter plugin, you don’t need to update your database. New subscribers will be automatically land in desired groups. The WordPress newsletter plugin is easy to integrate and, most importantly, is absolutely free of charge.

The plugin shows you the signup form preview. If you are happy with all the settings, you can easily paste the signup form widget anywhere on your WordPress-powered website. Or, if you’d like to, you can also insert it into the code.

Expanding your email list is crucial for marketing success. Learn about best email list building strategies. Having a clean, quality list will enable you to send group-specific messages that will boost the open and click rate. You could send out birthday emails, reactivation newsletters to inactive customers; welcome emails to new subscribers… the sky is the limit. You will be also able to send individualized product offers to subscribers. Learn more about list segmentation.

How to add Newsletter2Go to WordPress

Adding the WordPress Newsletter plugin is a breeze. First of all, you need to ensure that you have an active Newsletter2Go account to use the plugin. Go to the related help topic to read a step-by step guide.

The WordPress newsletter plugin also offers you the option of transferring text blocks and other content elements from your WordPress website to your newsletter with our 1 click content transfer feature. Transfer description, images, titles and more into the newsletter. Save time and effort with 1 Click Content Transfer: no more copying and pasting individual pieces of content, customizing or formatting images.

Similarly, you can transfer product details directly into your newsletter with our 1 click product transfer feature. Copy the entire product to your newsletter simply by entering the product number. This will automatically transfer the product name, description, image, price and link to the product.

A preview of the subscription form can be viewed in the Newsletter2Go WordPress plug-in. If you are satisfied with the form, you can insert it into your website wherever you like by using a widget or by adding the HTML code for your form.

Connect the WordPress newsletter plugin to your WordPress website now. Our high-performance and professional email marketing software will make it easier than ever for your visitors to sign up to your newsletter and for you to reach more people. The integration takes place over the WordPress plug-in.

Check out what other newsletter plugins do we offer. Drive sales and connect with your audience using our seamless integrations and plug-ins. Take advantage of Newsletter Plug-ins for E-Commerce systems, Webshops, as well as CRM and CMS tools. Learn more about our newsletter tool and the newsletter program.

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