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256-Bit SSL Encryption Newsletter Software

The highest security and data protection standards with SSL-encryption:

  • You know that your contacts are who they say they are
  • Easy, automated confirmation email with attached link
  • Highest level of security with the SSL certificate

Email Encryption for The Highest Security For Your Account

Newsletter2Go takes data security very seriously. Therefore, data transmission between your computer and our newsletter software is fully encrypted. With certified 256-Bit SSL Encryption by GeoTrust Inc. your email marketing data is always transferred with encryption – with our website as well as over the API.

What is the 256-bit SSL encryption

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (also referred to as Transport Layer Security [TLS]) and is a cryptographic protocol that ensures secure communication over a computer network. What that means in practice is that the SSL encryption newsletter software protects your data against both hacker and phishing attacks.

The 256-bit SSL encryption takes place when you are using our newsletter tool as well as when you transfer data via the Newsletter2Go API. Newsletter2Go pays extremely close attention to the safety of our systems, therefore email encryption also meets the highest security standards. SSL encryption is highly recommended in email marketing since your recipient data is nothing else but sensitive personal data. To make sure your contact details are rightfully handled, we use the Extended Validation EV SSL Certificates (EV-SSL). It offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to the website. EV SSL Certificates enable the company behind a specific website to present its own verified identity to Internet users. The green address bar visibly displays the company name. That precluded phishing attempts as it immediately informs your clients that site is secure. This security standard corresponds to security levels in online banking.

Data protection is the top priority at Newsletter2Go. The entire email marketing software works in accordance with the European Directive 95/46 and German data protection guidelines (BDSG). Our servers are located in Germany and your data won’t leave EU. Moreover, annual data security audits are performed on a regular basis (annually).

How does the SSl encryption newsletter software work

The certificate ensures that the server (in this case, Newsletter2Go‘s) can prove its identity against your client. It is verified whether the server is trustworthy. After the authentication has taken place, a cryptographic key is generated between the client and the server. This is then used to encrypt all data sent between your computer and Newsletter2Go.

Shall you have any questions regarding email encryption or if you’d like to know in detail what is the 256-bit SSL encryption, our technical team is happy to help you. You are also welcome to contact our free support team.

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