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Free Spam Test

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Run a Free Spam Test:

  • Detailed Analysis of Your Newsletter
  • Weighted Score Based on Dozens of Criteria
  • Enables Higher Delivery Rate
Free Spam Test

Improve Newsletter Performance with a Free Spam Test

The Newsletter2Go dispatch system is whitelisted, therefore you can expect high delivery rates with our newsletter software. Whitelisting ensures that your newsletter isn’t checked for spam by various email providers. Entering a Newsletter2Go whitelist translates into emails automatically classified as trustworthy. If you want to improve your delivery rate even further, you can also run our spam test. This feature allows you find out how do your content and technical settings impact your spam score and it will show you whether your email will make it to the inbox or not.

Our free spam test checks for more than 1,000 different spam criteria. We’ve made sure to use the same criteria that spam filters such as Spam Assassin and Amavis use so that you get a meaningful overview.

Spam filters usually test every email according to the criteria we use and calculate a certain spam score. The higher the spam score is, the more likely it is that your email will be blocked by the spam filter. The spam score is an important factor for your email marketing strategy. Only spam-free emails ensure consistently high delivery rates. However, if your messages are repeatedly marked as spam, you may end up on a blacklist. You should avoid it at all costs, because it will result in undelivered emails.

How come your email might be marked as spam? Some common spam criteria include inserting certain words or phrases (think pharmaceuticals, 1 million dollars), purchasing email lists and emailing people who never agreed to receive communication from you, excessive use of punctuation, peppering email with capital letters as well as poor HTML content. You don’t need to memorize the criteria, though. Run our spam test and if your email proves to be somewhat spammy, you will get to see all spam criteria in a concise report. With our free email spam test, you will be able to see which criteria were highlighted and need to be improved upon. Moreover, you will find a set of recommendations that will help you improve your email score.  More information about spam filters and blacklists can be found in this comprehensive blog post.

How to Use The Newsletter Spam Test:

Once you’ve chosen newsletter design and inserted desired content, go to step five. There, you will see the newsletter spam test. Click on it and your email will be checked automatically for more than 1,000 most important and most common spam criteria.The lower the spam score is, the higher is the chance that your newsletter will make it to the inbox. After you’ve completed the test, check your evaluation and get more insights as to what has caused issues.

Based on these guidelines, you can optimize your newsletter prior to shipment. You can take the newsletter spam test as often as you’d like to. Below you will find premium features that are useful for successful email marketing.

More Premium Features for Personalized Email Marketing:

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