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Time-Controlled Newsletters

Send time-controlled newsletters to manage your email marketing campaigns:

  • Send files as an email attachment
  • Attach as many files as you want
  • 8 MB attachment limit
  • Highest delivery rates thanks to whitelisting
time controlled newsletter dispatch

Time controlled newsletter dispatch for campaign success

Do you need to send an important email campaign outside your business hours? With our email marketing software, time-controlled newsletter dispatch is a breeze. When you create a newsletter you could select a date and time for delivery to your contacts in order to maximize subscriber engagement. Marketing communications can be sent either immediately or at a later date and time using the newsletter software. This is very easy to do when you’re ready to send, as you just need to pick a date on the calendar and time of day. If you send time-controlled newsletters, not only does this help you enjoy better campaign results, but also control traffic to your website. This might prevent potential strain on your server.

The time-controlled newsletter will then be automatically dispatched at the appointed time, without you having to take any further action. Please note that a lot of regions around the world and countries are subject to seasonal time changes. Their clocks switch forward or backward by one hour. As you have probably noticed, this might add a layer of confusion for campaign scheduling. However, you don’t need to worry about time changes as our newsletter tool takes them all it into account. It is recommendable that you set a locational time zone, so you don’t have to worry about time changes. Once the account is set up to the locational time zone, Newsletter2Go will handle the time-controlled newsletter dispatch. Focus on campaign creation and let our software to focus on technicalities.

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Here’s another thing you might want to take into consideration: campaign pausing and re-scheduling. It’s best to not to pause a scheduled campaign within 5 minutes of the scheduled send time.

The time-controlled newsletter dispatch feature empowers you to send time-controlled newsletters exactly when they need to be sent: either early in the morning before your customers get to work, during the middle of the day as they’re sitting at the desks, or even on the weekend when they are leisurely checking their smartphones. Our email marketing software lets you plan your email campaigns comfortably, securely, and easily.

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