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Secure Email Marketing

Data protection is our highest priority at Newsletter2Go. This goes not only for the data concerning you and your company, but also for your contact lists and customer information. We know that you entrust us with sensitive data and information. We take that trust seriously, and work hard every day to deliver email marketing security that you can count on. We are strictly in compliance with all applicable european data security standards.

All of our servers are located in Germany, which has some of the toughest data security standards in the world. Data is never transferred outside of Europe – excluding emails that are sent to your contacts, of course. Our internal servers are backed up daily, and also operate using the highest security standards. Your data, and your customers’ information, will remain secure.

World Class Data Security

Secure Email Marketing with 256-Bit SSL Encryption

Your secure email marketing begins with industry-leading 256-Bit SSL Encryption. Your own and your company’s data, all of the customer information that you upload into the system, and all of your account are activity sit behind our data protection firewall. We undergo voluntary yearly audits by Germany’s data-protection service to ensure that our methods and standards remain world class.

secure email marketing

As Secure as Your Bank

Our encryption procedures are the same that banks and online financial institutes use. We’re not messing around here. In a world in which more and more data is moving online and into the cloud, data protection is the pillar of any online service provider. We know that the best way to win and hold our customers’ trust is to ensure that their data remains safe. That’s why we use such high-level encryption methods, and it’s why we work hard every day to deliver world-class email marketing security.

Daily Backups of Your Information

All of your data is automatically backed up every day on secure, encrypted servers. This means that even in the event of an unexpected server malfunction or internet outage, all of your information is retrievable. Our data protection standards are also relevant here: the storage servers are managed by our own in-house data security experts.

Secure Email Marketing Based in Europe

Your Information Stays in Europe

Our business and email sending infrastructure are all located in continental Europe. We don’t transfer customer data to foreign-based servers, meaning that your sensitive information is never subject to looser data regulation standards. We work according to the standards of the German Data Protection Law (BDSG), and even go above and beyond its already-strict standards. You will, of course, always be able to send emails to every corner of the world. Our email marketing security standards are focused on the technical, back-end side of things.

daily backups

We Don’t Sell Your Information

We’ve written a lot about how it’s never a good idea to buy email lists. Don’t worry, because we follow our own advice. We’ll never sell your contact information to third parties. And we’ll never publish or transfer any identifying information about you or your company without your explicit consent.

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