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Return Path Certification

Return Path is a worldwide email delivery whitelist:

  • Newsletter2Go is certified by ReturnPath
  • This means that your email delivery rates are even better
  • The biggest worldwide email delivery whitelist
  • We pass this certification on to you for no extra charge
  • Enable images and links at mailbox providers participating in the program
Return Path Certification

A Worldwide Whitelist for the Best Email Delivery Rates

Nowadays 90 percent of all email is treated as spam. With the rise of spammy messages, even standard emails land in spam. Being considered a spammer isn’t an option for your business. Learn how to avoid being classified as a spammer with Newsletter2Go by becoming a Return Path member.

Newsletter2Go boasts the Return Path certification. The Return Path whitelist, covering 2.4 billion email inboxes, has the biggest inbox whitelist in the world. Everyone who uses our newsletter software to send newsletters over their own dedicated IP server is included in this certification. Reach more inboxes and beat your competition to it.

Return Path’s Certification program is the most valued and recognized certified whitelist. Once you are on the whitelist, your inbox is placed better with major mailbox providers. Consequently, that means more delivered emails.

With the Return Path certification your messages are understood to be genuine and are recognized as trustworthy by more than 100 international email providers (incl. Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast) and spam filters (incl. Cloudmark, Spamassassin). That means that your email program receives reduced filtering at major mailbox providers thanks to the Return Path whitelist. It’s a world-wide accepted certification, therefore each mailbox provider will accept emails sent by Return Path members.

This means that you profit from up to 40% increased delivery rates and you can be sure that your emails will arrive safely with all recipients. If you’d like to increase your derivability even further, check out our free spam test.

The certification of Newsletter2Go’s email servers takes place via Return Path. In order to be able to use the certification, you must be a member of Return Path (additional fees may apply) and you must use Newsletter2Go’s dedicated IPs.

Contact us and use Newsletter2Go to avoid the application fee for Return Path.

Learn more about spam filters and black lists. This blog entry contains actionable tips that will help you always reach your customer’s inbox.

Now that you know your newsletters will make it to the inbox, make sure your subscribers will want to open them. Check our free newsletter templates that your customers will love.

Take advantage of other services Newsletter2Go offers. Lean more about our newsletter tool.

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