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Send the right content to the right people at the right time. Download your recipients from a file and manage your recipient list synchronizing your recipient data with plugins and integrations as well as segmenting your audience by common traits. Moreover, you can take advantage of our automated unsubscribe management feature so that you won’t ever need to update your list manually. That will give you more time to drive traffic and conversions by sending group-specific content or offers.

Newsletter2Go’s high-performance email marketing software allows you to quickly manage your recipients list. Build a free signup form with Newsletter2Go that will take your subscriber through the double-opt-in process. It will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. Take recipient management even further with separate address books.  Use different address books for different newsletter lists or online stores and manage them independently of each other. Moreover, the double opt-in is also available for list imports.

Automatic Recipient Management

Automatically Sync your E-Commerce, Website, or CRM

We offer a number of third-party plug-ins and a high-performance REST API that make it easy to manage recipient lists no matter what system you’re using. Contacts and customers are automatically updated every day, meaning you never have to worry about keeping your lists up to date. Check out the full list of our integrations here. Don’t see your system? Let us know and we’ll build it for you!


1 Click Contact Import

The choice is yours: you can either upload manually your recipient list or upload them with 1 click contact import. Import as an excel, CSV or Open Office data file with just one click.  Duplicates and incorrect email addresses will be automatically sorted out, and existing contacts will be updated as necessary.

Targeted Email Marketing with Contact Traits

For every newsletter contact that you import or create, you can add identifying traits to their profile. These are not limited to the name, surname, or email address. With Newsletter2Go, you can let your imagination run wild. Your customers can be segmented by gender, age, purchase history, etc. All contact traits and customer information will be automatically recognized by the software during import.

Bounce and Unsubscribe Management

Automatic unsubscribe management: If recipients unsubscribe from your newsletter, their information will be updated in our system. Automatic bounce management: If your newsletter bounces from an inbox that no longer exists, the Newsletter2Go software will automatically flag it and exclude it from your next email.

Legally Compliant Recipient Management

Legally Compliant Signup Process

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software ensures that you remain legally compliant. The double opt-in registration form is legally compliant and secure, ensuring that your newsletter campaign only reaches those who went through the double opt-in registration process.


Get Subscription Form without Programming Knowledge

Build a free newsletter sign-up form for your website and generate more leads with Newsletter2Go. Building the form doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Moreover, it’s up to you to decide what should future subscribers should write about themselves.

Recipient List Synchronized on a Daily Basis

Save precious time and let our software import and export your entire address lists automatically. Once set up, the recipient control automatically updates the contact lists in your Newsletter2Go account in accordance with the contact lists in your original system daily or by the click of a button.

Group Management and Audience Segmentation

Auto-Update and Static Groups

Manage newsletter recipients with the audience segmentation feature. Newsletter2Go allows you to segment your contacts into groups. There are two types of groups in Newsletter2Go’s recipient management system:

Static Groups: Static groups are manually edited and updated. For example, if you create a static group of male contacts, the size of this group will not automatically include recipients uploaded to the Newsletter2Go system unless you manually add them to the group.

Auto-Update Groups: Auto-Update groups are defined by you based on desired traits and conditions. For example, you can create a condition that Group A should contain male recipients. All of your contacts will be automatically scanned, and all males will be added to Group A. As soon as a new male recipient is added to your address book, he will automatically become part of Group A.


Precise User Segmentation

For every newsletter contact that you create or import, you can add identifying traits to their profile. You are free to choose what traits to assignt to your contacts, for example: purchase history, location, age etc. Utilize this feature to segment your audience into groups based on individual traits, or collections of traits.

Contact Rating

With this feature, you can manage newsletter recipients with contact rating from 0 to 5. Newsletter2Go automatically generates a contact rating for all of your contacts. The rating is based on the activity level of your contacts: how many emails they’ve received, and whether they’ve interacted with the newsletters. The more your contact has interacted with your newsletters, the higher the rating.

Flexible Recipient Management

Recipient Management with Separate Address Books

Managing newsletter recipients couldn’t be any easier with separate address books. Create and manage as many address books as you’d like. The address books are totally independent of one another. Signups and unsubscribes from one address book are not carried over into others, meaning that you can create and maintain lists from multiple newsletters from your central Newsletter2Go account. Contacts can unsubscribe from one address book, and remain subscribers to the other address book.


Set Up Blacklists for Each Address Book

You can create blacklists for each address book. Blacklisted recipients will never get any email from you, which keeps you on the safe side. Once a user has been blacklisted, they can’t sign up to the newsletter again unless you allow it. This is a very useful feature, especially if you have changed from one newsletter system to another.