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Personalized Design Blocks

Use personalized design blocks to customize your email content for different target groups:

  • Easy to create
  • One email for multiple target groups
  • Increase click rate and conversions
  • Use for all types of design blocks – images, text, etc.

Drive e-commerce sales with personalized design blocks

Successful email marketing is rarely a case of one-size-fits-all. However, you don’t always need to create multiple campaigns in order to deliver custom content to each recipient. Use personalized design blocks to customize individual sections of text or images within one email.

Custom design blocks make it easy to create personalized newsletters with minimum effort. Instead of creating several different emails, you can simply tailor certain sections to suit different target groups. This is especially useful for e-commerce stores: you can create one email promoting your summer sale, for example, but use personalized design blocks to show “50% off womenswear” to your female contacts only.

Personalized design blocks can also be combined with 1-click product transfer. This enables you to integrate products from your online shop directly into your email. You can then personalize this content for each recipient – presenting them with the products you know they’ll love.

Personalized content in just a few clicks

With the Newsletter2Go email software, making the most of custom blocks is easy. Set up your campaign as normal and use the drag and drop editor to fill in your content. Within the editor, simply select the block you want to customize and click the personalize icon. Here you can decide which recipients will see this block by selecting the relevant conditions from the drop down – such as age or gender. When it comes to sending your campaign, only those contacts who meet these criteria will be able to view and click the content. You can add as many conditions as you like per block – be it for text, ecommerce products or images.

Tailor-made content for each target group

Custom content is key to engaging your audience – and the more personal your email feels, the better. With custom design blocks, you can easily make the most of every email you send. Save time and effort when creating campaigns: simply design one email and tweak individual sections. Not only that – your subscribers benefit too. Save them scrolling to reach the good bits: customize your newsletter design to make sure they only see what’s truly relevant. Deliver made-to-measure content and drive conversions with Newsletter2Go – all in a matter of clicks!

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