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Send Newsletters With Attachments

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Send attachments in newsletters:

  • Send files as an email attachment
  • Attach as many files as you want
  • 8 MB attachment limit
  • Highest delivery rates thanks to whitelisting
Send Newsletters with Attachments

Send Your Next Newsletter with an Attachment

With the Newsletter2Go email marketing software you can send newsletters with attachments. Attach files directly into your email campaigns and send with the help of a secure and reliable software. Add as many individual files as you would like to – once all files are attached, then the file size is counted. CSA whitelisting, ReturnPath and ISIPP SuretyMail ensure that your email newsletter with attachment doesn’t end up being caught up by the spam filter. Instead, it will land directly in the mailbox.
Send newsletters with attachments freely, not worrying that something could end up as spam. You can even attach meeting invitations by email. Let’s assume that you attach a .ics file. When the contact saves the appointment, the file will be automatically saved.

You can upload your attachments at any given time – just remember to upload them before you send your newsletter or select an appropriate file from the media library. You can attach as many files as you want  – but the total size of all files combined cannot exceed 8 MB.

Please note that it is still advisable to send newsletters, which link to attachments. Attached files aren’t usually viewed favorably by spam filters and they increase the likelihood of that your email will be flagged as spam.

This is usually the case when marketers send out serial emails and newsletters come across clients such as Outlook or Word. They will display a warning because of the attachments. In extreme cases, file attachments might be blocked altogether and you contact won’t be able to decide for yourself whether they want to see it. However, you can take advantage of another method to send email newsletter with attachments.

Send newsletters with attachments:


If you’d like to send attachments in the newsletter and be 100% your campaign lands intact in the inbox, upload the desired attachment onto a web server and then link to it. If you do so, you can track how many people clicked the link. Newsletter2Go enables you to upload files via the media library. You can use the media library free of charge and all uploaded files are forever available.

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