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2-Step Account Verification

Advantages of 2-Step Account Confirmation:

  • You know that your contacts are who they say they are
  • Easy, automated confirmation email with attached link
  • Highest level of security
2 factor authentication

Newsletter2Go means account security

Newsletter2Go means account security

With our 2-step account verification process you protect your Newsletter2Go account and the data that is saved within it with the highest security.

In the 2-step confirmation process a security code that is only valid for a few minutes is sent to your mobile or email address after you have entered the correct password. You then enter this code in the second step.

This enables you to be even surer that only authorized persons have access to your account.

Avoid Being Classified as a Spammer

The majority of all emails is nowadays considered spam. Even if you’re one of the good marketers who send out legitimate email campaigns, your newsletters might land in the spam folder. You don’t want this to happen to you. Therefore, a 2-step account verification process comes to your aid.

Before you send out a newsletter, you should ensure that it will reach people who gave explicit consent to receive emails from you. You probably don’t want your emails classified as a spam, your best bet is to use our newsletter registration form generator and go for whitelisting. Moreover, you can use our free spam test. Additionally, here you can read how to avoid spam filters and blacklists.

Double opt-in explained

An opt-in is a closed-loop email authentication where one party demonstrates control of one email address to another, as a form of identity verification. Once people opted in to receive communications from you, you will only address people who are interested in your services or products. Therefore, you can expect higher conversion rates.

Newsletter Registration Form

A 2-step verification is a must in the Newsletter2go account, because we comply with email marketing regulations. Use a newsletter registration form to keep your email list clean. In order to make a double opt-in look attractive, you can choose to get a personalized newsletter signup form that will convince people to opt-in.

Our email marketing software comes with a powerful registration form generator. This allows you to grow your contact list without the hassle. Most importantly, you will have a legally compliant list thanks to the 2-step account verification process.

Newsletter2go stands for account security. Every person who subscribes to your newsletter with a free registration form automatically receives a so-called double opt-in email, which is part of the 2-step account confirmation process. They should open it to click on the confirmation link to verify their email address. If a person fails to click the link, they won’t receive communications from you. Read more about international email laws and regulations.

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