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Newsletter Text Version

Automatic text version for all cases

Advantages of the email text version:

  • Suitable fall-back in case HTML is not supported
  • Creation of newsletter text version is automatic
  • Security that all the information will reach your newsletter recipients

Automatic text version in detail:

Newsletters with Newsletter2Go are sent in standard HTML format. The advantages: images, links and text formatting are possible.
In rare cases, email programs, end-devices or recipients deactivate the HTML format. Then the text version of the email is accessed instead.
So that you do not have to create an HTML and text version of your newsletter every time, our newsletter software automatically creates a text version for you from your HTML newsletter.

Why use newsletter text version?

A plain text alternative to your newsletter is crucial. Multi-part MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) happens to bundle together a simplified plain text version of your campaign along with the desired version of your newsletter. Unless you send out a plain text email only, multi-part MIME should be an important part of your newsletter campaigns. Below you’ll learn why you should sent in multi-part MIME:

  • Spam filters look at a plain text alternative favorably.If you send a HTML-only email, spam filters get suspicious. Why? They think you’re sending spammy messages. After all, a spammer couldn’t be bothered with creation of a newsletter text version. Therefore, you ought to create one.
  • Not every email client or app can handle HTML.Thigs are way better than in the past, however some email clients still don’t support. Others might support it but still won’t display HTML properly. A newsletter text version comes in handy in instances like this.
  • Some prefer it a plain newsletter.There are people out there who enjoy simplicity and they welcome text emails.
text version

How to optimize your plain text emails


Easy Scanability

Content hierarchy and text scanability is always welcome, whether you’re sending a HTML newsletter or a plain text.

A neatly organized email makes for a good reading experience.

Clear Headers

Make sure that your newsletter headlines are clear and stand out for a great user experience.


Whitespace also improves email readability because it creates a clear eye path for the reader. Thanks to it, links are easily clickable on a desktop device and touch friendly on mobile devices.

Bulleted Lists

If you use dashes, you make sure that the hierarchy of the newsletter campaign is intact. Thanks to it no aspect of the email will be omitted.

Defined CTAs

The CTA is a crucial part of your email campaign and it should always stand out.

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