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Newsletter Geotracking

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Use geolocation tracking in email marketing to your advantage:

  • Detailed map with the location of your contacts
  • See where you have a lot of fans
  • Insights into your contact demographics
Visual Geotracking

Newsletter geotracking for location-specific email marketing

If location-specific campaigns might be the core of your business, you are on the right website. Thanks to local email campaigns, you can target potential clients in a specific area and increase your newsletter’s relevance. Therefore, it is crucial that you know where your contacts are located. With the Newsletter2Go geotracking feature, you see at a glance where the newsletter had been opened.

The visual geolocating overview is shown and updated in real time. You can see both the newsletter open as well as the click rates. Newsletter geotracking stays always up to date. Since the feature is visually presented as a map, so you will easily make sense of it.

Moreover, you might also learn if your newsletter is read in countries you never expected to be featured in the report. Thanks to the Newsletter2Go geotracking feature, you can expand your audience and increase the newsletter reach.

Is your newsletter particularly successful in a certain city or country? If that’s the case, keep on addressing these contacts to further improve the success of your email marketing. How could you go about it? For example, you can save contact data within a certain radius as a separate list and address them directly with a local-specific offer. Thanks to extensive personalization options, you can use our newsletter tool to easily insert contacts’ place of residence. All you need to do is to insert recipient’s location and select a personalization placeholder in your newsletter. Once you hit the send button, the placeholder will be automatically filled with the correct data.

Location-specific campaigns are of particular interest for retailer owners and e-commerce companies, therefore newsletter geotracking is a crucial tool for this group. If you are running a shop, you can see exactly where your customers are coming from. Incentivize people to visit your online shop and customer loyalty thanks to geolocation tracking in email marketing. In addition, you can send emails with locally relevant content. Referring to a specific area can dramatically increase newsletter relevance.

In addition to the newsletter geotracking feature, you will also be able to see a holistic newsletter performance (think open and click rates). Discover what devices are popular among your clients, which is also a helpful information piece as far as visual geotracking is concerned.

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