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Professional Newsletter Dispatch

Every email marketer wants to send emails that arrive securely, on time, and without interruption. Newsletter2Go’s world class email marketing system has got you covered. It is reliable, durable, and effective. With a sending capability of 3 million emails an hour and an average delivery rate of 99.5%, Newsletter2Go’s newsletter dispatch system is at the forefront of the industry worldwide.

Thanks to multiple whitelisting certifications, Newsletter2Go’s professional newsletter dispatch system can deliver to up to 2.5 billion email inboxes worldwide without ever being flagged as spam. If specifically requested, we can offer enterprise customers dedicated IPs that will be used exclusively to send their email marketing campaigns.

Flexible Newsletter Dispatch

Custom Sender Address:

With Newsletter2Go’s personalisation options you can address each customer as personally as is possible. Personalise the sender address, subject, or even the email’s content. You can change the sender address (for example, from Support, Marketing, News, etc.) to optimize the email campaign as a whole. This has been proven to increase the open rates and click rates of newsletters and therefore will increase the success of your newsletter campaign.

Custom Sender Address

Design the Subject and Preheader

You can create a custom subject line, as well as a preheader. The subject is one of the most important parts of your newsletter, as it goes a long way in determining whether your subscribers will open the email or not. The preheader can be used for information that didn’t make it into the subject. It is displayed in many email clients, and can be up to 255 characters.

Time-Controlled Newsletter Dispatch

You’ve just finished creating a newsletter, but you don’t have to send it right away. You can, of course, but you can also schedule it to send at a specific time: tomorrow morning, a few days from now, or next week. This empowers you to send newsletters at exactly the right time, to exactly the right people.

Send Newsletters with Attachments

You can attach attachments to your emails up to 8MB in size. Our reliable, whitelisted sending system means that even with attachments, your emails will easily pass through spam filters and arrive directly in your contacts’ inboxes. You can attach many different data files: .PDF, .DOC, or .GIFs.

Personalized Newsletter Dispatch

Personalized Design Blocks

Not only can you customize and personalize the subject, preheader, and sender address of your next newsletter. You can also personalize content within the newsletter itself. This means that certain subscribers would see content A, while others would see content B. This helps you send targeted messages to different customer groups without having to create two entirely separate email campaigns.

Personalized Newsletter Design Blocks

Personalized Greetings

Everyone likes to be greeted as an individual, right? Our software allows you to insert personal greetings so that every one of your subscribers will receive a unique message. You can even insert greetings into the subject line, which can help increase the number of people who open your email.

Personalized Discount Codes

Newsletter2Go offers you the possibility to send unique discount codes to all of your contacts. All you have to do is insert a discount block into the email, and a new code will be automatically generated whenever someone opens the newsletter. This saves you time and effort when creating marketing or sales actions, and it can lead to a sharp increase in click and conversion rates.

A/B Testing and Test Mails

A/B Tests with up to 9 Variants

With our A/B split-test emails you can test up to 9 variants of the same newsletter against each other. The most successful variant will automatically be sent to the remaining selected recipients. You can test the subject, the sender name and address, as well as content within the newsletter itself. This increases the success of every aspect of your campaign: opens, clicks, and conversions.

multivariate newsletter A/B Test

Free Test Send

Before sending your newsletter to all recipients it is highly recommended that you run a free test to check for spelling and display issues. With our newsletter software you can send test emails to yourself, your team, or other editors. This is an easy way to control for any grammatical mistakes, or problems with the personalization features that you’ve set up. You can also click on and test any URL links that you’ve included.


Our software automatically runs a spam test for every newsletter that you send. The spam-score is generated based on several well-known criteria that email client spam filters scan for. If the spam test identifies any problem, you can go back and fix them before sending the newsletter. This is newsletter dispatch made easy.

Special Feature: Client Testing

An optional premium feature that we offer is email client testing. We’ll preview your newsletter in 36 different email clients, meaning that you can be sure that the newsletter will display perfectly, no matter which email service provider your customers are using. This makes your newsletter dispatch even more comforting and secure.

Email Marketing Automation

Custom Lifecycle Campaigns

Newsletter2Go offers powerful marketing automation features. Easily create automated email campaigns that track the lifecycle of your customers. You can use automated dispatch features to create lifecycle campaigns, including birthday emails, or anniversary newsletters (e.g. 6 months after their first purchase). Lifecycle campaigns deepen your relationship with customers and enhance your brand.

lifecycle campaign

Trigger Campaigns

You can also send automated emails that are triggered by specific behavior. For example, you can send automated product recommendation campaigns based on a customer’s browsing behavior on your website. You can also send shopping cart reminders, and automated followup emails after purchases. By automating your newsletter dispatch, you increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Credit Paybacks

Your reward for good email marketing

Sending newsletters can actually earn you money. How? Because if you send email campaigns that perform better than the industry average, you’ll receive a portion of the credits that you used back as a discount from your next email campaign. We want to make newsletter dispatch as easy, fun, and productive as possible. Consider it an incentive to send fantastic campaigns.

Newsletter2Go Credit Payback