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Dedicated IPs for Improved Newsletter Dispatch

available with PRO Plan

The advantages of dedicated IPs for your email marketing pursuits:

  • Autonomous reputation building
  • DMARC authentication is possible
  • We keep the IPs warm – immediate sending possible
Exclusive Dedicated IPs

Perfect Your Delivery Rates With Exclusive, Dedicated IPs

What Ensures Successful Email Dispatch

Newsletter2Go average delivery rates are around 99.5%. Deliverability measures how successful an email marketer is at getting an email into inboxes. As a sender, you affect your own deliverability. If you’ve decided to buy an email list and send spammy content… you probably haven’t been very successful with email marketing. However, if you send out relevant campaigns to a clean email list, you’ve probably noticed that your campaigns are delivered to almost every single contact on your list. Want to reach every contact on the list? Go for dedicated IPs to improve newsletter dispatch even further.

Why Dedicated IP Addresses Make a Difference

The newsletter software offers you the option of sending your campaigns via exclusive, dedicated IPs. An exclusive, dedicated IP address is used by a single company or brand, whereas shared IPs are used by numerous organizations.
The reputation of your dedicated IP address is dependent solely on the content of your newsletter and will never be affected by spam content sent by others. The better the IP address’s reputation, the more likely your newsletters will arrive in your customer’s inbox.
You can also use this service to take advantage of DKIM authentication, which identifies you as the newsletter’s sender and leads to even higher delivery rates.

Dedicated IP Addresses & Email Dispatch

Newsletter2Go values reliable deliverability, therefore we use various IP addresses that come with different reputation levels. While some campaigns are sent from shared IPs, others can be sent from dedicated IPs, especially if you have a big email list and would like to make sure you get a high delivery rate.

Once you go for a dedicated IP for improved newsletter dispatch, we will provide full authentication for those accounts to use their own domains. We know it takes some time to break in new IPs and make ISPs trust them, so we automatically warm them up.
If you’re interested in using our email marketing software to send your newsletters over an exclusive, dedicated IP, you can get in touch with our Sales Team anytime via email: moc.o1534582293g2ret1534582293telsw1534582293en@se1534582293las1534582293

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