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newsletter editor

With Newsletter2Go’s easy to use editor, professional newsletter creation has never been easier. You can build your own newsletter in just a few minutes. Start out using one of our attractive templates, or start from scratch and build it yourself. Newsletter2Go’s stands out through its simple, user-friendly design and functionality, along with its comprehensive and powerful features.

In the editor, you can customize every single thing about your newsletter – from subject line, sender name, and Responsive Design to dedicated IP’sLifecycle Campaigns right down to custom tracking domains. Our software gets out of the way and lets you build the newsletter of your dreams. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Newsletter Creator with Drag & Drop Functionality

Simple Design Block System

With the simple, completely customizable design block principle, you can drag and drop new blocks, e.g. text, image, text-image or product blocks, to your newsletter – completely without programming knowledge. The product blocks, combined with drag and drop functionality, in particular make the newsletter creation process easier.

drag & drop newsletter editor

Special Feature: 1 Click Product Transfer

The 1 Click Product Transfer feature makes it easy to import product images, features, and prices directly into your newsletter with just one club. Using the Product ID, you can automatically import all of the important information about your product. This feature is particularly attractive for E-commerce businesses, and is available after ordering a premium template.

Designing Newsletters Exactly Like You Want

Our editor is a powerful newsletter creator that makes it easy to create free newsletters – don’t miss out! With our newsletter creation software, you can work on your content, e.g. texts and images, the same as you would in a normal word processing program. All established formatting options, including those supported by web clients, are provided.

Free Responsive Design

50 Ready-to-Send Templates

To make sure that your emails arrive just as you have designed them, we provide you with dozens of free templates. These will make it much easier for you to design your newsletter. Use the design blocks to customize your newsletter in just a few minutes. And of course we can also create a custom template for you in your corporate design and brand, tailored exactly to your needs.

Premium Newsletter Templates

Special Feature: Premium Templates

Would you prefer instead to send newsletters using a customized Premium Newsletter Template, using your corporate design and branding? We are happy to design and program a custom built newsletter template exactly to your specifications. All of our Premium Templates contain our 1 Click Product Transfer and 1 Click Content Transfer. More information, examples, and prices can be found on this page.

Templates in Responsive Design for Optimized Display

Of course, you can also upload your own template. In general, however, we recommend using our newsletter creation software and the templates that we provide because we’ve already tested them in dozens of email clients to make sure they display perfectly every time. Our templates have all been programmed using responsive design, meaning that they will display perfectly no matter which device your subscribers are using: smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

Automatic web- and text versions

A web version for reliable display

web version and a text version are automatically created for every newsletter. If a newsletter is not adequately presented in a web client, then the web version is always there as a fall-back version. The web version is extremely good for use on Facebook, google+ or Twitter, and is just another way that we make the newsletter creation process that much easier.


Embed Images for Attractive Display

With Newsletter2Go’s software it is possible to include so-called embedded images in the email. These are coded as text and sent in the newsletter. This has the advantage that the graphic will be displayed without the contact having to download it. It does, however, raise the risk of spam.

Unlimited image hosting

We host the images for your newsletter. Just upload the images that you need for your newsletter into the media gallery. Storage space is free and unlimited. There are no fees involved. Newsletter creation has never been so easy, simple, and effective!

Work in a Team

Efficient co-working

Create, edit and give feedback on your newsletter in a Team. This optimizes your work process and makes the newsletter creation process even faster and more efficient. Newsletter2Go offers you exactly that – with user management and a team comment feature.

automatic web version