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Magento Newsletter Integration

Optimize your workflow and add powerful email marketing functionality to your Magento platform with our free Magento Integration:

  • 1 Click Product Transfer
  • Automatic contact synchronisation
  • A/B tests (subject, sender and content)
  • Live reports und conversion tracking
  • Newsletter templates in your corporate design
  • Teamwork function for collaborative work
Magento Newsletter Extension

Improve your workflow and raise your ROI with the Magento Newsletter Extension

Integrate your Magento platform with the newsletter software from Newsletter2Go. Synchronize your customer data, sales data, and product information automatically using the free Magento newsletter integration. This data can be used to synchronize contacts from your system, and empowers you to transfer product information, prices, and descriptions from your website directly into your newsletter.

Email Marketing for E-Commerce

Email marketing is particularly suited for E-commerce entrepreneurs. Online customers often expect to be contacted via email. In addition, email is a perfect communication tool for internet stores. It’s easy to send product information, details, and special offers. The Magento newsletter integration gives you the necessary tools to get started email marketing quickly.

Use the Newsletter2Go software to design, send and track email campaigns in just a matter of minutes. You can use one of dozens of free newsletter templates, or if you’d like we’ll be happy to design you a custom newsletter template. The Magento newsletter integration gives you access to many of our features, and is being constantly updated and improved in order to provide you an even better service and value proposition.

Contact Synchronization:

The Magento integration automatically synchronizes contact data between your platform and your Newsletter2Go account. When importing the recipient via the interface, all customer groups and customer information can be taken from the Magento shop. You can select which groups and traits to be synchronized so that the maximum number of contacts are always taken into account.

More information can be found here: Contact Synchronization

1 Click Product Transfer:

With just one click, you can transfer your entire product description, picture, price and links directly into your newsletter. In order to access this premium feature, we’ll design your own premium newsletter template using your brand’s design and logos.

This template communicates via the Magento extension directly with your store, so that you can import all important product information into your newsletter simply by entering the product number.

More information can be found here: 1 Click Product Transfer

Note: The contact synchronization with your system is free. To use 1 click product transfer, you need a one-time Premium newsletter template. These can be booked by email at *protected email* or in your Newsletter2Go account. The Template Creation is, of course, programmed and designed exactly according to your wishes.

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