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ISIPP Whitelisting

Advantages of Newsletter2Go’s ISIPP whitelisting:

  • Whitelisting for Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more
  • Additional bonus for spam filters lke SpamAssassin, SpamCop & Co.
  • 100% free for all of our users

A Worlwide Whitelist for the Best Email Delivery Rates

What is an email whitelist?

A whitelist, as the name suggests, is the very opposite of a blacklist. It is a list that containsIP addresses of servers that have been rated trustworthy. Entities on the list will be accepted, recognized and approved. Once you’re taking advantage of ISIPP whitelisting, you don’t need to fear that your email will land in spam. Basically, it is specifically allowing emails from a certain source, such as Newsletter2Go, to be allowed into inbox. With almost 90 percent of all email considered spam, it’s important to get go for it. Here you can learn more about email marketing whitelisting.

A worldwide whitelist for the best email delivery rates

As well as being certified by Return Path and the Certified Senders Alliance, Newsletter2Go is accredited with ISIPP SuretyMail. This ensures direct and whitelisted delivery to a vast number of internet service providers (ISPs) such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and many more.

Emails sent with Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software profit from certification with over 59 providers and ISPs. These providers also include various spam filters such as SpamAssassin, SpamCop and SURBL.

The ISIPP email certification gives your emails an extra bonus if delivered to inboxes that are protected by the aforementioned spam filters. This will increase the reliability of the delivery.

ISIPP newsletter whitelisting from day one

ISIPP whitelisting works for all Newsletter2Go users from day one, automatically. If you really need high delivery rates and prefer be safe than sorry, you can also go for Return Path whitelisting, which ensures the widest coverage: it whitelists more than 2.4 billion mailboxes worldwide.

One needs to go through a strict admission process to get a certification. Newsletter2Go has been obliged to ensure that every single Newsletter2Go client uses the double-opt in option. Moreover, we must not share email addresses with third-parties (which we wouldn’t have done anyway). We also have SPF and DKIM set up.

Try out Newsletter2Go’s whitelisted sending architecture to achieve the ultimate email reliability – you will want for nothing! And the best part? Users of our email marketing software have access to this certification for free.

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