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Double Opt-In Contact Import

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DOI contact import at a glance:

  • After importing contacts to your email distribtion list, you can choose for them to automatically receive a confirmation email
  • Once they’ve clicked on the link in the automatic confirmation mail, they’re added to your contacts
  • Legally required explicit consent is received
DOI Contact Import

Automatic Confirmation Emails and DOI Contact Import

If you’d like to send legally compliant newsletters, you need to get explicit consent from every single recipient on your contact list. You might have started list building years ago (when you didn’t need explicit consent) and it might be difficult to find out who was happy to opt in for your newsletter. To make your life easier, Newsletter2Go offers a double opt-in contact import feature. It will verify your contacts during contact import.

As far as contact import is concerned, you can import an excel (.xls and .xlsx), CSV or Open Office (.ods) data file with just one click.

When you import newsletter contacts from a file, make sure you send a double opt-in email. This email contains a link your contacts would need to click on, shall they want to receive communications from you. People who fail to activate the link, will remain on your contact list, however they won’t receive communications from you. Thanks to the DOI contact import feature, you will stay legally compliant. The double opt-in contact import comes in handy when you need to import a contact list from an external system. There’s a high chance that some of your contacts never opted in.

With the double opt-in registration form, you will be able to demonstrate a user’s consent at any given time thanks to the automatic confirmation mail. Moreover, every single recipient is free to unsubscribe from your email list anytime they want to. The right to opt out is another legal requirement you have to keep in mind.

Import newsletter contacts and the newsletter tool will automatically add your recipients to the address book and mark them as inactive. At the same time, a double-opt-in email is automatically sent to all of your contacts. Once they’ve clicked on their confirmation link and, consequently, have given you express consent to receive email, they would be immediately set as active. If a recipient doesn‘t want to receive email from you, they can just ignore the email.

Aside from making you a law-abiding marketer, the double opt-in contact import also ensures that the newsletter is sent to the right contacts. Thanks to the automatic confirmation mail, the bounce rate will be significantly reduced, which will result in a low bounce rate. That, in turn, enables you to enjoy high delivery rates and improves your reputation as a newsletter sender.

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