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API Example Implementations

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Use these examples to learn about our API implementations:

  • Finished PHP Example
  • Finished Node.js Example
  • Comprehensively documented
API Example Implementation

API Example Implementations to Link Your System

Link your online platform with our high-performance email marketing software. You can use our API for a diverse number of uses. This will let you enjoy all aspects of our newsletter software. You can also access the comprehensive newsletter tracking reports via the API.

Our REST-API can be implemented with any programming language. To make this easier for you, we’ve created the following API implementation guide with a number of different API example implementations. With Newsletter2Go’s well-documented API newsletter software it is easy to send professional emails with a high-performance system.

API Examples for specific cases

Use the well-documented API to send professional newsletters using the Newsletter2Go sending infrastructure. The feature capabilities of the API is continually being built out and updated. Use the documentation to keep yourself up to date and current, in order to use the API as efficiently as possible.

Many features of the Newsletter2Go software can be accessed using the API:

Address Books: Create multiple address books that can be used to comprehensively manage contacts from your E-commerce, CRM and CMS systems. Creating and deleting are both possible using the API.

Contact Management: Import new contacts from your system directly into Newsletter2Go, or manually create contacts. Import entire lists, or manually decide whether to import contacts.

Group Management: Create groups to segment your contacts into specific target groups. This helps you send relevant emails to the contacts most likely to find certain content or product information interesting and useful.

Newsletter Reports: Measure the success of your email campaigns in real time and at a glance. Email tracking is available via the API, as you can see in the API examples above.

Create Newsletters: Create plain-HTML newsletters and send them using the API

Send Newsletters: Set up automated newsletters and transaction emails (for example, registration emails, invoices, payment reminders, etc.) and create the sending conditions. You can send to entire address books or to single users or contacts. It’s also possible to send newsletters to specific target groups via groups and contact segmentation.

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