Who doesn’t dream of escaping the 9–5 grind to spend life lounging on sunny beaches instead?

It’s a dream most can relate to but that few have actually actualized. Until recently.

There’s a new brand of long-term traveler: the digital nomad. And they’re the stars of our first online magazine, TRAVEL2GO.

Why did we make TRAVEL2G0?

Our product, an email marketing software, is an online tool for use anywhere. We (the international marketing team) at Newsletter2Go were curious about these folks taking working on the go to new levels using tools like our software. We polled 90+ existing or aspiring nomads, asking what they wanted to read about.

It turns out people wanted to know more about real nomads. How do they make it work? What are their struggles? Their unvarnished stories? So we interviewed digital nomads originally from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, the U.S. and Canada, to name just a few.

In this magazine, you’ll read …

… the 15 personal stories of these diverse nomads who are making it work.

Our magazine also covers popular European destinations for digital nomads and a ton of handy advice to get you started.

What’s more, you can access the guide in French, Dutch and English. (German coming soon!)




What does digital nomad mean?

They’re called “digital” because they rely on digital technologies to allow them to work location-independently. All they need to check in to work is strong Wi-Fi and their own laptop.

Many are freelancers and entrepreneurs but others have full-time remote positions.

“Nomad” comes from their propensity for living life on the go. Nomadic life can mean you’re in Chiang Mai one week and Mexico City the next.

But it can also mean you have a home base in Budapest where you spend a few months every year. For the rest of the year, you’re fancy-free, dashing off emails between catching waves in Portugal or supplementing your online income with seasonal work at an Argentinian ranch.



Who are todays digital nomads?

Today’s digital nomads come from all walks of life. They’re families, singles and couples.

Many of these individuals are making the most of passive income and the 4-hour work week. They’re movers and shakers. On the go. Making it work.

They’re taking advantage of all-night coworking spaces with fast internet speeds one night. And the next morning, they’re taking three days off to do a jungle safari with their kids. They’ve had to learn how to juggle being productive with taking it easy. They’ve redefined work-life balance for themselves.

Others prefer slow travel. They’re immersing themselves in one culture for a stretch of time. These nomads want to learn the language and explore the locale with the goal of truly understanding as many corners of the globe as possible. They’re volunteering at orphanages, sending their kids to local schools, acting in expat community theater.



What is the digital nomad lifestyle really like?

One thing stood out from all the tales nomads told us. There’s no single path to becoming a digital nomad. There are myriad ways.

In fact, anyone can do it.

But everyone we interviewed does have one thing in common. Their stories prove that the digital nomad lifestyle is more than just working remotely and being a permanent traveler.

It’s a mindset, a fascination with the world, a never-ending curiosity.

Read the 15 digital nomad stories in our magazine.



What are the best cities in Europe for digital nomads?

We performed an online poll of over 90 current nomads.

From this, we figured out that the top three digital nomad havens in Europe are Budapest, Las Palmas and Lisbon.

These hotspots have it all: affordable cost of living, fast Wi-Fi and vibrant digital nomad communities.

Check out the city reports on these three cities in our magazine.



How do I get started as a digital nomad?

Dreamt about becoming a digital nomad, but not sure where to begin? This guide is for you.

Our articles cover the basics for getting started:

  • Visa considerations to help you plan your destinations
  • Apps to increase your productivity
  • A review of the right book for diving deeper
  • A list of 2019 events for finding your digital nomad community
  • And more!

Learn from the diverse articles in our magazine.



How can a digital nomad benefit from email marketing?

Many digital nomads make their living as entrepreneurs. Although everything truly is possible, some of the most common business models we found among digital nomad entrepreneurs were bloggers, coaches and e-commerce retailers.

Email marketing has a median ROI of 155%. It gives digital nomad professionals 4x more bang for their buck over social, paid search and direct mail. (Plus, can you imagine coordinating direct mail while on-the-go? Doable, but not easy.)

If you aren’t using email marketing yet and you’re in one of these professions, it’s something you should start thinking seriously about. With email marketing you can automate your sales process, grow your community and stay top-of-mind with clients.

Take a look at our article on email marketing that offers actionable tips for growing your list, setting up a sales funnel for a webinar and creating emails for an online shop.



Who is this magazine for?

Our magazine is for anyone looking for a teaser into the digital nomad lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, this magazine proves that it’s possible and gives you a chance to explore the stories of people who are making it happen.

Yes, I want to keep reading!

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