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How to send effective welcome emails

Welcome emails enjoy a high open rate – after all, they mark start of a customer’s journey and your subscriber is curious to see what there is in stock for them. Therefore, you need to make sure you hook your new contacts right away. This blog post will help you put the best foot forward and help you send effective welcome emails.

The very first newsletter a subscriber sees sets the tone and create expectations with your newest subscribers. This is where you have a chance to inform about the products or services you offer, as well as tell them how frequently you’ll be sending newsletters. This is an important one: if your potential customers don’t know what to expect from you and you will surprise them with frequent emails, some of them are likely to unsubscribe. Therefore, you should inform them about the sending frequency and, ideally, give them a chance to choose how often they would like to hear from you.

How to plan your welcome emails

Here’s what happens when somebody subscribes to your newsletter. They give you their precious email address in exchange for something of value. Welcome emails give you a chance to show a promise of value. That’s precisely what you should have at the back of your head when creating this newsletter.

If you’d like to send effective welcome emails, you need to:

Develop a strategy

Welcome emails are at the core of email marketing. If you are just developing your company and don’t have those emails in place, you will be pleased to learn that creating such an email isn’t a difficult feat.
It is advisable that you subscribe to your competitors’ newsletter to see what they have offer their customers. Take it from there and see what can you better.

Exceed their expectations

The very first email your new subscriber is about to open must include the promised goodie. After all, a number of subscribers came to you only because they wanted to get a free e-book or voucher and they aren’t necessarily interested in receiving communications from you. This is where you have a chance to shine: give them what they came for and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Determine a sending timeline and frequency

A welcome email doesn’t have to be a one-off affair, you might want to send it a week or two after the sign-up if the person failed to open the newsletter. You might want to set up serial newsletters so that contacting inactive subscribers happens automatically.

Send tailored emails

How do you ensure you send an email everybody will enjoy? Sounds like mission impossible, right? Well, not quite. If you segment your contact list into groups you will be able to send personalized newsletters after you’ve inserted contact traits. With Newsletter2Go you are free to create and import as many identifying traits as you wish to. Diverse trait types (think number, date, type etc.) will come in handy when creating group-specific welcome emails or newsletters in general. What a better way to send effective welcome emails than greeting your contacts with their first name in the subject line?

Put your best foot forward by creating and utilizing contact traits and your contacts will be more likely to open communications from you and, with time, engage in a lasting relationship with your company.

Another thing you need to bear in mind from the start is that you should give your contact the freedom to opt out at any time. As painful as it might be, newsletter unsubscribe is better than being marked as spam.

Technical aspects to think about

Test your newsletter subject

You’ve picked a subject that is perfect for you. Is it perfect for your subscriber as well? If you can’t answer the question, you should test the subject line with multivariate A/B testing. This feature gives you a chance the test your subject line three times and select the best-performing variant that will be automatically sent out later on.
While most newsletter providers offer just two variants for test, Newsletter2Go offers three variants of each trait. Consequently, that translates into higher open rates. Learn more about multivariate A/B testing.

Preview Text

You should also add preview texts to your email to get a higher open rate. Nowadays around 50% of internet users read emails on mobile devices. Therefore, your newsletters should be suitable for mobile users who can see the first two to three lines following the body tag in your email. This, combined with an effective subject line should increase engagement.

Be Responsive

Now that most people read email on the go, you need to have it optimized for mobile devices. After all, you wouldn’t want to create a beautiful email, which turns out horrible, because half of the newsletter elements can’t be displayed properly.

Not all companies have embraced mobile yet. You, however, want to be smarter and reach your mobile subscribers. Learn more about responsive newsletter design.

What you need to remember about is that subscribers on the go may also be searching for different information than at-home users, so don’t forget to include information about current sales, phone numbers and in-store availability.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how to send effective welcome emails in the comments below.

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