Newsletter2Go Releases a Zapier Integration | Release Notes April 2019


How do feel about creating automated workflows by connecting your Newsletter2Go account to any of 1,000 other software tools?

Sound like a good way to start saving a ton of time?

Keep reading to learn about our Zapier integration and everything else we released this past month.

Build Automated Workflows With Over 1,000 Other Apps via Zapier

Newsletter2Go offers a lot of integrations to diverse CMS and CRM systems, as well as to e-commerce platforms.

But now the number of systems you can combine with your Newsletter2Go account has expanded exponentially thanks to a new Zapier integration.

If you don’t know Zapier already – it’s the app to integrate apps. A powerful middleman, Zapier causes actions or outcomes in one app to trigger a reaction in another. Use it to build robust cross-system automated workflows, called zaps. The best part? You need exactly zero coding knowledge to use Zapier.

Over 1,000 other third-party tools work with Zapier. That means if you want to connect your favorite software to your Newsletter2Go account but we don’t already have a direct integration, you just have to check Zapier. Chances are, you’ll still be able to make it work thanks to Zapier.

Currently, Zapier can carry out actions and searches in Newsletter2Go. For example, it can add and sync contacts, subscribe new contacts via double opt-in form, and create groups.

Curious about what else you can do with Zapier? Read our help articles about Zapier to get up-to-date on the possibilities!

Harness the Expanded Functionality of the Editor’s Grid System

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the new grid system our editor uses. Now, for even greater variety, we’ve expanded the selection of blocks available. You’ll find several new types of blocks that combine text and image. These blocks function as a layout block that’s preset with content. They’re an all-in-one block.

What’s more, the highlight of these is a new block just for 1-click product transfer.

The new block makes it easier to use one of our best-known features, 1-click product transfer. This feature automatically imports product information from your e-commerce platform.

You’ll never have to cut and paste again when creating product-heavy email campaigns. To get started, set up 1-click product transfer between your Newsletter2Go account and one of our many e-commerce platforms. (Check out our full list of integrations.)

Then, enter the product ID for the item you want to feature in your email campaign. All the product details – images, description, price – will self-populate.


The editor’s grid system itself has a few additional perks, as well.

You now have the option to place up to 12 columns in a row next to each other. The column width can now also be individually adjusted, too. Don’t worry, though! We’ve still kept the option to use preset column widths.


Preview Every Single Version of an A/B Test

We want our users to have the tools they need to comprehensively understand their customers.

That’s why we offer some of the most complex A/B testing possibilities out there. While most other email marketing tools only give you the ability to A/B test 2 variants, with Newsletter2Go, you can test up to 9.

This month, we’ve expanded our preview functionality when doing A/B testing. Now, when you click on the preview function from the editor, you’ll see a drop-down menu on the right that lets you choose which version you are previewing. You can be doubly and triply sure that your campaigns look excellent before sending.

Not sure what A/B testing’s all about? Read our A/B Email Testing 101 to learn how to optimize opens, clicks and conversions.

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