3 Mobile Email Marketing Strategies

Mobile Email Marketing

Get the Most out of Mobile Email Marketing

Over 50% of all emails now opened on mobile devices. Email marketers are now expected to optimize emails for mobile, so if you want to take advantage of mobile use, you’ll need to make sure your newsletters are optimized for both mobile and desktop. Here are three quick tips to get you started.

1. Use Responsive Design

Responsive design is not just about changing the size and dimensions of the content to fit on a smaller screen. It’s also about strengthening the brand strategy to increase brand awareness.

Mobile users tend to skim through Emails. In this context, images and texts that capture attention are very important. Beyond that, here are some mobile email marketing design suggestions that have worked well for us:

  • use single-column layouts that expand across multiple columns on desktops
  • use plenty of empty space
  • display the most relevant content first
  • distribute links evenly
  • arrange pre-header and subject clearly
  • keep in mind that images may not be loaded and text messages may be displayed instead
  • use web fonts and a text size of at least 12pt
  • make call-to-actions (CTAs) clear, large and easily clickable

2. Concise Language

Get attention with images, convince with crisp and concise text.

The key here is to be brief and to consider three important points: the sender, the subject and the first line of text in the email.

Why only three? For mobile device users, this is probably all that they’ll read before deleting the newsletter.

A) The Sender

In case you’re not sending on behalf of a world-famous brand, enter the name of a real person. Make sure that the e-mail address really works so that you can respond to complaints, questions or recommendations.

B) The Subject

Relevance is more important than word count. Make sure that your recipients know exactly what your email has to offer, and why they should read more.

C) Call-to-action (CTA)

Emails are sent to get a response, which in this case means a click. CTA’s need to be specific, be separate from the rest of the content, communicate urgency and show a clear added value.

Every email that you send should contain a CTA. Don’t forget to mobile-optimize the CTA Landing Page.

3. Technical Requirements

You should always use an expertly programmed responsive template. Newsletter2Go provides our customers with more than 50 different responsive design templates for different occasions.

All the necessary adjustments – picture size, arrangement of the elements and presentation of the links – are made automatically. Rest assured that your newsletter will always be displayed perfectly, no matter the device.

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Ian Roderick
Communications Manager at Newsletter2Go.

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