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How Fattoria Sarda Delivers Foodie Dreams Via Email

One of Newsletter2Go’s most successful customers is Fattoria Sarda. Dedicated and devoted to the craft of Sardinian cuisine, the specialty foods importer provides their customers with a weekly newsletter containing food, news and other content related to Sardinia.

The company was founded based on a shared love for Sardinian delicacies. After completing an apprenticeship in Sardinia, the owner brought his favorite delicacies back to Germany. Turning their E-commerce shop from a labor of love into a thriving business is a story of hard work, sweat, dedication – with a dash of email marketing.

The online shop was created in March of 2011, with the newsletter following shortly thereafter. At the beginning, the newsletter was sent only sporadically, without the use of an email marketing software. It contained mostly new products and discount offers.

Recipe for Success: Newsletter Content that Customers Love

The subscriber list has grown in the meantime to around 1400, with more coming in every week. Registrations can happen during the checkout process, as well as on the company’s blog.

Newsletters typically contain content related to Sardinian cuisine. The traders know what their customers are passionate for: Sardinian recipes, discount codes and new offers, and TV spots about Sardinia are the most popular topics.

Every newsletter contains a seasonal recipe based on products currently in stock. Also included are tips for interesting media, introductions to new products and artisanal Sardinian growers, gift certificates, and product subscriptions.

During holidays, newsletters communicate delivery times for certain products (e.g. refrigereated items). At the end of every newsletter, the most popular product categories are listed, along with images.

This is exactly what their contacts want. Many of them came to know Sardinia when vacationing there, and love to revisit their experiences through cuisine.

Lots of Sardinians and other Italians currently living in Germany are big fans, using the food to remind them of their homes and culture. In addition, there are a number of B2B contacts, like speciality foods distributers and chefs.

Customer Story Fattoria Sarda Newsletter2Go

Marketing Newsletters Have the Highest ROI

Email marketing is fully integrated into the rest of Fattoria Sarda’s marketing operation. It’s strength lies in the successful connection with customers and converting one-time buyers into repeat customers with a high potential.

In the mix of social media marketing (Facebook, Pinterest), Google Merchants, Display Network Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing, the costs per conversion are the lowest with marketing newsletters. Lost leads are rare, and the average shopping cart value is 3 to 4 times higher in comparison to cold contacts from different media.

In 2014, in conjunction with a redesign of their online shop, Fattoria Sarda went on the look for an email marketing solution. Using a free Shopify integration that allows them to import customer data directly from their E-commerce platform into the newsletter software, creating and sending targeted emails has never been easier.

Newsletter2Go’s key selling points were the easy connection to the E-commerce platform, and the very strict data protection measures and encryption systems.

Success with Newsletter2Go

The Fattoria Sarda marketing team appreciates Newsletter2Go’s real time reports:

We see exactly when, and which subjects affect our contacts, which lets us speak to their wishes directly. Above-average open rates, click rates, and conversions confirm our fine-tuning. This has led us to switch from monthly to weekly newsletters, even though we’re a small provider without an immense line of product offerings.”

Fattoria Sarda also makes use of the easy contact management system. Different groups like new contacts, single-buyers, and repeat customers can be sent targeted messages. The traits that are used from the shop are directly imported and used to define the criteria.

The practical email templates make it easy to create newsletters using the marketing plan from the shop. The structured selection of newsletter templates and design block systems make working on newsletters easy and flexible.

Since switching to Newsletter2Go, Fattoria Sarda’s email marketing campaigns have become more successful. The delivery rates are nearly 100% with very good open and click rates. Despite the significant increase in sending tempo, the unsubscribe rate remains very low.

The efficient and cost-effective marketing to repeat customers using the newsletter software Newsletter2Go has enabled Fattoria Sarda to expand its product selection. The shop now offers fresh fish, which is thanks in large part to the continuing loyalty of its long-time customers.

These types of customers are best reached via newsletter. Their marketing ewsletters also help to convert one-time buyers into longtime customers.

Fattoria Sarda Email Marketing

About Fattoria Sarda

Fattoria Sarda is a privately owned company with headquarters in Meerbusch, Germany. The business imports Sardinian specialty foods. The “Island of Long Life” is known for its unique, original cuisine.

Native food products are created without the industrial infrastructure from the Italian mainland. Fattoria Sarda tries to bring the best of this local culture to Germany and other European countries.

The newsletter is just one of a large selection of services that Fattoria Sarda provides its customers. Customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently, are treated to seasonal, regional Sardinian recipes, regular blog posts, and special events like cooking classes.

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