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Sending Online Newsletters: Regular Email vs. Email Marketing Software

We all send emails just about every day, both privately and for our jobs. But what about when we want to send online newsletters, or mass anouncements to big lists of contacts?

It can be tempting to stick with your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.): it’s free, and you’re already an expert.

Our public service announcement of the day: DON’T DO IT!!!!

If you send an email campaign using your private email account, you’ll quickly encounter tons of obstacles. Among them:

  • Your delivery rates will be very low. Many – if not most – of your newsletters will be flagged by spam filters, and you’ll receive lots of “Undeliverable” messages in your own inbox. Your delivery rate will be low – and you won’t be able to measure.
  • Contact Management is more difficult. With email clients, you have to copy and paste contacts into an email. With email marketing software, your contacts can be uploaded automatically, and can be divided into segments based on shared traits.
  • Legal Problems. In order to send commercial newsletters, you need to get explicit consent.
  • You won’t have access to detailed tracking reports. You won’t know how many people opened and clicked in your email, which content was most interesting, and which target groups were best served.
  • Your data isn’t secure. The professional newsletter software from Newsletter2Go has world-class encryption systems that keep your data secure.

The Solution: Email Marketing Software

The solution to these problems is professional newsletter software. By using professional software for your next campaign, you’ll increase your delivery rates, save time managing your contact lists, and will have access to sophisticated tracking reports.

Top-Notch Delivery Rates with Email Marketing Software

If you send newsletters to hundreds (or thousands) of contacts through your email client, many – if not most – of the newsletters will be flagged by spam filters. Your delivery rates will be really low, and there’s no way to confirm whether your most important contacts even received your email.

Sending email campaigns with professional newsletter software, on the other hand, takes care of this problem. At Newsletter2Go, all emails are dispatched over whitelisted servers, which bypass spam filters and arrive directly in your contacts’ inboxes.

The average delivery rate for Newsletter2Go emails using our whitelisted servers is over 99%. This means that you won’t need to worry whether your contacts have received your email. If you’ve used email marketing software, they almost certainly have.

Contact Management with Newsletter Software

If you want to send an email to a lot of contacts without newsletter software, you’ll have to maintain the “contact database” as an Excel or CSV file and copy the addresses manually into your email client program. This is complex, time consuming, and can lead to mistakes.

Do yourself a favor and use contact management systems provided by email marketing software. These systems allow you to import and export contacts with just a few clicks, and update automatically – saving you time and money.

The Newsletter2Go newsletter software has tons of interfaces with most e-commerce platforms, meaning that you can automatically sync your business contacts with your email marketing platform.

Newsletter2Go’s recipient management system also allows you to easily segment your contacts into groups based on shared traits: age, gender, location, purchasing history, etc. Use these segments to send targeted email campaigns.

Legal Certainty

Professional newsletter software also gives you legal certainty. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to send commercial messages until contacts have explicitly agreed to receive them. In the case of email campaigns, the gold standard is the double opt in confirmation process, in which contacts receive a confirmation email before being added to your list.

Contact management systems manage this process automatically: customers that don’t confirm their registration won’t receive emails. This saves you legal trouble.
Online newsletters must also include an Unsubscribe link. With professional newsletter software, the unsubscribe process is taken care of automatically, and people who unsubscribe from your newsletter will be automatically removed from your contact list.

If you send email campaigns using an email client, you’re also bound to receive countless error messages from deliveries. Keeping a comprehensive overview all of these is almost impossible.

Newsletter software conveniently provides a so-called “bounce management”. This means that reachable addresses are sorted out and you no longer have to manually review the error messages. Temporarily unavailable addresses, so-called “soft bounces” are recorded automatically. You then get an evaluation of the cancellations and bounces from everynewsletter that you send.

Overview: Newsletter Delivery and Contact Management

E-Mail ClientWebmailNewsletter Software (Download)Newsletter Software (Webbased - SaaS)
Free sending(✓)(✓)
List Managementxx
Registration managementxx
Bounce managementxx
Legally secure registration processxx
Spam protectionxx
Timed deliveryxx

Newsletter Design: True to Your Own ideas

One point in which professional newsletter software clearly sets itself apart from ordinary email programs are the design possibilities. Email clients offer very limited design options – font size, color, maybe a page break here or there.

At the end of the day, your newsletter will probably just look like a normal email. And that’s no fun at all!

With email marketing software, on the other hand, your next email campaign will look amazing. You can include pictures, blocks of text, links, and have everything organized exactly where you want. The newsletter is based in HTML, but you won’t need HTML or CSS knowledge to design great newsletters.

For the ambitious, it’s also possible to incorporate your own corporate design into a newsletter template. You can make the template look exactly like your website: the same photos, background, structure, and brand experience.

Responsive Design

More than 50% of all emails today are read on mobile devices . This means you’ll need a newsletter design that displays both on desktops and on mobile devices.

The solution is Responsive Design: the design “responds” to the requirements of the device and adapts automatically. All of Newsletter2Go’s HTML templates are coded in responsive design, so you’ll never have to worry about the presentation. They are also programmed to display correctly in all major webmail clients.

When it comes to placeholders, mail merge and mail automation, many email programs allow you to personalise text blocks. This feature is also provided by email marketing software. Information can be imported directly from your database into the newsletter.

Email Campaign Tracking

You’ve designed and sent great-looking newsletters to segmented groups of contacts. Now it’s time to dive into the data to track your email campaign’s success.

Professional newsletter software offers tons of tracking variables, including open rates, click rates, conversion rates. You can also use click maps to see exactly where your contacts are clicking within your newsletters.

These tracking reports simply aren’t available if you’re sending via your private email account. Not only can you see how successful your email campaign has been, you can use the data to learn more about your customers and their interests.

Overview: Newsletter Design and Tracking

Email Client (e.g. Outlook)Webmail (e.g. Gmail)Newsletter Software (Download)Newsletter Software (Web-based - SaaS)
No Installation NecessaryXX
Free Software(✓)
Data ProtectionXX
Tracking ReportsXX
Location IndependentXX

Data Protection and Security: We’ve Got You Covered

Protecting your data is a top priority at Newsletter2Go. Our data protection methods are world-standard. We use the same 256-bit encryption standards as banks and financial institutions, and all of our servers are located in Europe.

Your data – and your customers’ data – is never provided to 3rd parties, and our internal data protection officer makes it their job to keep our system safe and secure.

Summing Up

Professional email marketing software is the best choice when creating your next email campaign. It’s not hard to see why:

  • Your delivery rates will be sky-high.
  • Your newsletters will look great.
  • It’s easy to manage your contacts.
  • You’ll stay legally compliant – effortlessly
  • Track your newsletter with sophisticated analytical tools. ou won’t have access to detailed tracking reports.
  • Your data stays secure.

Curious? Start today and register free with us here at Newsletter2Go. Design amazing newsletters today!

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