Newsletter2Go Wins an Email Delivery Rate Competition

Email Delivery Rate

Newsletter2Go Wins Email Delivery Rate Competition

The team at recently ran a competition between 6 different email marketing vendors. The goal was to determine which platform achieves the best delivery rates.

We’re happy to report that Newsletter2Go vanquished the competition by scoring the most points in every area of the competition!

The Email Delivery Test Methodology

All technical aspects of email deliverability were tested. The team at sent three rounds of test emails between October and December 2015. The average value of all three rounds was then calculated, and the software with the highest score would win the test.

Newsletter2Go achieved perfect delivery rates in all three rounds. The testing team found no issues regarding the Newsletter2Go delivery system, both when sending HTML emails as well as plain text emails. Newsletter2Go offered optimal conditions for maximum deliverability in every plausible scenario.

Factors that limited delivery rates for the other providers included the lack of “alt-texts“ that can be read when images fail to display properly, as well as dispatch servers that have been either greylisted or blacklisted. Using servers that are blacklisted would have a particularly bad effect on delivery rates.

The test did not measure the effect of manually adjusted factors that are ultimately controlled by the senders themselves. This includes DKIM, SPF and Sender ID. What this means is that the test showed what is possible under perfect circumstances – meaning that Newsletter2Go had the highest potential delivery rate, although the real-world delivery rates would still depend on other factors.

How Newsletter2Go Achieves High Email Delivery Rates

Newsletter2Go customers average delivery rates of around 99.5%. Our secret? All of our dispatch infrastructure is located on whitelisted servers. Whitelisted servers have all been verified by third-parties to ensure that they aren’t being used for spam. Emails sent via whitelisted servers bypass spam filters and are delivered straight to recipients’ inboxes.

Hint: The emails that you send from your private email client (iOS, Outlook, Gmail) are not sent via whitelisted servers. Mass email blasts sent via these email clients are likely to have a very low delivery rate.

Newsletter2Go is registered with a number of whitelisting partners, including the CSA, ISIPP and ReturnPath. This means that more than 2.4 billion email inboxes are available for direct delivery!

Newsletter2Go also offers several user-friendly tools that decrease the chance that your email newsletter will be flagged. Our Spam Filter scans your email and lets you know how likely it is to be flagged as “spammy.“

We also give the option of adding a DKIM, Sender ID or SPF signature. These signatures confirm the authenticity of the sender’s address. In principle, the signature certifies that the sender is the owner of the domain that is being used to send the email. You can learn more about email signatures here.

If desired, you can also send emails via dedicated IPs that are reserved exclusively for you. These IPs are certified by Newsletter2Go and help you build your own unique dispatch reputation. When using dedicated IPS, you can also use the DMARC authentication protocol.

All of these technical specifications contribute to one goal: maximizing your email delivery rates. We want to ensure that sure your emails arrive exactly where you want them to.

Have any questions, or want to give our service a try? Get in touch!

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