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How to Craft a Winning Abandoned Cart Email

abadoned cart

Drive Sales with a Winning Abandoned Cart Email

According to a SaleCycle Study, cart abandonment rates averaged 75.6% across all sectors in Q1 2015.

What’s even more interesting is that

66 percent of cart conversion comes through email, according to Internet Retailer.

Question is… how to craft a winning abandoned cart email that will convert?

6 reasons behind abandoned cart

What could propel customers to abandon carts after they’ve already started checking out? Here’s a quick list of the most common reasons:

  • Complicated website navigation
  • Slow page load time
  • Long shopping process
  • Hidden costs
  • Site not optimised for mobile devices
  • Security concerns

Even if your website is perfectly optimized, people might still change their mind at the last minute. Being picky is a natural customer behavior. Furthermore, there are no signs that this trend will slow down. Therefore, you need to follow up with them with a winning abandoned cart email.

According to an MIT study, 90 percent of e-commerce leads go cold within an hour. Therefore, it is crucial to follow-up with a tailored email to strike when your customer still remembers about the incomplete purchase order.

Here’s another encouraging stat: an email campaign sent within 3 hours after a consumer has abandoned their cart averages 40 percent open rate and 20 percent click-through rate, according to Listrak.

Also check out this awesome article to learn more about how to optimize your checkout cart.

8 steps to creating a winning abandoned cart email

1. Timing is key

As you figured from the aforementioned stats, it’s advisable to send the abandoned cart email as soon as possible.While sending an email on such a short notice might seem like a challenge, luckily you don’t need to send it manually. Make sure your set up a behavior-based follow-up email (in this case, it’s obviously an abandoned cart email) and let the newsletter software do your work for you! Learn more about trigger emails.

2.  Incentivize with the subject line

A captivating subject line will inspire your contact list to open the email right away. Here’s what you should do to maximize the open rate:

  • Your brand should be identifiable, so remember about an appropriate sender name or subject line
  • Refer to basket abandonment
  • Personalise the subject line. Insert your contact’s first name or the name of the abandoned product
  • Utilize fear of missing out and create a sense of urgency
  • A/B test your subject line

Selecting the right subject line is no easy task. Don’t just stick to your gut feeling, but see how it performs in practice. Newsletter2Go enables you to do multivariate A/B testing, which means that you can test the subject line, sender name and abandoned cart email content. Unlike standard A/B tests, you can test up to 3 variants of each trait. Learn more about multivariate A/B tests.

3.  Optimize for mobile

Potential customers are easily turned off by mobile-unfriendly websites and same goes for emails that don’t display well on mobile devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to go for a responsive design template. While not every newsletter provider will offer these templates for free, Newsletter2Go’s templates are automatically mobile responsive. Claim your professional responsive design template here.

4. Remind them of what left behind products

While you know precisely what every single customer left behind, they’ve probably already forgotten about the cart altogether. Make sure you include at least one product photo and be specific. Your potential customer might have checked numerous e-commerce websites to compare your products with alternative offers.

Hint: copying and pasting product details is a time-consuming task. If you’d like to save time, go for 1 click product transfer. This option allows you to copy product details directly into your abandoned cart email. Transfer product image(s), price, link to the products with just one click.

5.  Call to action

Your CTA should be basket-oriented and your customer needs to know it’s clickable. Here are some examples to get you going:

  • Take me back to my basket
  • Restore my cart
  • Don’t let your items get sold out
  • Complete my order
  • Continue shopping
  • Let’s fetch the items
  • Claim my item

6.  Convince with customer reviews

Social proof should help and convert an Internet user into a customer. Inserting a review should make a positive impact on purchasing decisions. Pick the most favorable one and paste it to the email. Moreover, depending on the nature of your business, you ask some of your loyal customers to write a quick testimony and insert it in the email.

7.  Incorporate your regular website navigation

The purpose of a winning abandoned cart email is to get the customer back to their basket and incentivize them complete their purchase.
Unfortunately, some of your prospective clients might have already changed their mind. However, that doesn’t preclude them from shopping in general. If you incorporate your website’s regular navigation into the basked abandonment email, you will inspire your contacts to go back on the site and buy something else instead. Here you can get a customized template.

8.  Offer a discount

A discount always raises interest. You might not want to offer discounts to every single customer upon cart abandonment, however it’s worth to spoil your local customers from time to time. Other customers might be lured with a loyalty program card that already comes with points etc. If you offer discounts sparingly, you don’t run the risk of having your customers expect special offers every time their abandon the cart.

If you have seen a great example of a winning abandoned cart email, let us know in the comment section.

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