Email Marketing Automation [Part 4/6] – Birthday Emails

automated birthday emails

In part 4 of our email marketing automation series, we’ll show you how to create personalized birthday emails. Treat your customers to something special and leave a positive impression of your brand.

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Why should I send birthday emails?

Something as simple as a birthday email can go a long way to enhancing your relationship with your customers. It shows that you have taken note of their special day and value them enough to celebrate with a unique gift or discount.

Everyone loves to be treated on their birthday – and this also has its benefits for your online store. It gives the user an incentive to visit your website and browse your products, potentially leading to a purchase.

How do automated birthday emails work?

In this video tutorial, we show you how to create an automated birthday campaign with Newsletter2Go:

To design and automate your birthday email, click to create a new campaign and select “birthday email” as the campaign type. When choosing your contacts, you will be asked to select an attribute from the drop-down menu. Here, choose “date of birth”. You can then fill in the subject line, preview text, sender name and email address as normal. Remember, the subject line should make the reader want to open the email: try addressing the recipient by name and emphasize the fact that there’s a birthday treat inside!

Now it’s time to think about how your email will look. Pick from over 50 free responsive templates or order a custom-made premium template in your corporate design. Drag and drop the various text and image blocks to get your birthday email looking just-so, and send yourself a tester to check that everything displays correctly. Finally, activate the email to go out at a certain time each day.

What is especially important when sending birthday emails?

When it comes to sending a birthday newsletter, it’s important to keep the customer in focus. Make it about them rather than trying to promote certain products or drive sales.

Just because the email is automated doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal. Personalize the subject line with the recipient’s name – for example, “Happy Birthday, Joe!” Provide a discount code that only they can use, and communicate that this is an exclusive birthday offer just for them.

An automated birthday email is an important part of your customer retention strategy. With a personalized birthday newsletter, you can show your customers that you care and nurture long-term loyalty.

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