Email Marketing Automation [Part 3/6] – Anniversary Emails

automated anniversary emails

In part 3 of our email marketing automation series, we take a look at anniversary emails and show you how to create them with Newsletter2Go. Automated anniversary emails enable you to get in touch with your recipients on all the most important dates – such as their 1 year anniversary as your customer!

Email marketing automation blog series:

Why should I send anniversary emails?

Special dates and anniversaries offer another opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Some dates worth celebrating might be a year since the user registered, or six months after they made their first purchase.

If you know these dates for each customer, you can turn them into a special occasion. Your customers may not even know that there is something to celebrate, so an unexpected gift or discount usually comes as a pleasant surprise!

How do I create an anniversary email with Newsletter2Go?

For a step-by-step guide on how to create an anniversary email, take a look at our video tutorial:

Let’s assume that you want to reach all recipients who subscribed to your newsletter six months ago. To start, log into your Newsletter2Go account and create a dynamic contact segment as follows:

  1. Go to “Contacts” and then “Segments”.
  2. Click to add a new segment and move the auto-update slider to green.
  3. Set the criteria to “Created on — before exactly — 6 months”
  4. Finally, preview and save the segment.

Now it’s time to create your email. Click to create a new campaign and select “Email series” as your campaign type. Design your email exactly as you please in the drag-and-drop editor, and don’t forget to insert a placeholder to personalize the greeting for each recipient. Once you are happy with your email and have reviewed the test version, activate it to go out at a certain time each day.

What is especially important when creating anniversary emails?

Celebrating the six-month or one year mark since a user subscribed to your newsletter is an excellent opportunity to engage both active and inactive customers. If you provide a discount code, for example, you are rewarding active customers for their loyalty whilst giving lapsed users an incentive to re-engage with your products.

With that said, make sure the email focuses on rewarding the user – not on selling them something. Be sure to address the user by name and give each recipient a unique discount code that only they can use.

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