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The 10 Emails Your Business Should Be Sending

10 emails your business should be sending

Single and Automated Newsletters

There’s much more to email marketing than just sales campaigns. If you’d like to see more opens and better click-through rates, your business should offer more diversified content.
This blog post showcases 10 email campaign types your business would benefit from as well as 15 actionable tips. Please note: it is advisable that you create automated emails as well to save time on email creation. Click here if you’d like to learn more about email automation.

1. Welcome Email

Automated email suggestion

Woo hoo, you have a new subscriber! This means it’s high time to thank them for their time to get through the registration process and reward them to start a relationship.

Actionable Tip #1: Craft a personal email so that the new subscriber feels welcome. Show the personal side of your business and personalize your email.
Actionable Tip #2: Tell readers what’s in it for them. The more details you share, the higher the excitement. Create a sense of exclusivity by offering a special deal in this very email.

2. Promotional Email

Non-automated email suggestion

Congratulations, you have sent your first welcome mail. Some of your new subscribers decided to take advantage of the reward you offered in the first newsletters, while others chose to ignore it. This is why you send a follow-up e-mail to re-connect with your new subscribers.

Actionable Tip #3: Include a P.S. This little line should will grab serial scammers’ attention.

3. New Inventory Email

You never know how many customer have been craving for a specific product that has been recently out of stock. At the same time, it’s not an aggressive sales newsletter, but a mere inventory update that may incentivize your email list to make a purchase. It is advisable to send it to customers who were interested in this product before.

Actionable Tip #4: Send the email out as soon as the item arrives. In this way, you will re-iterate the benefits of being on an email list.

4. News Email

Non-automated email suggestion

While this email has little to do with sales, it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience as well as improve brand awareness. Make sure that every piece of information you include can benefit your readers in your email marketing campaign.

Actionable Tip #5: Depending on the nature of your business, try to make this newsletter about your customers too and feature their successes or stories.

Actionable Tip #6: If you go for the latter advice, make sure you include social sharing buttons in your newsletter. It is advisable to insert these in every single email you send out, but if you haven’t done so, not it’s your chance.

Actionable tip #7: Once you’ve tested different send times and know which one works for you, be consistent. Whenever you choose to send out your newsletter, stick to the date.

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5. Product Advice Email

Non-automated email suggestion

Kill two birds with one stone: advice your customers how to take advantage of your product and position yourself as an authority in the industry.

Actionable tip #8: This email might take some time. If you don’t want to copy and paste individual content pieces, use the 1 click content transfer feature so it can do all the copying and formatting for you.

Actionable tip #9: You might want to put your customer service in spotlight, just to show your commitment to customer service and happy clients.

6. Educational Email

Non-automated email suggestion

Again, this email is a great way to position yourself ad a leader in your field and showcase your product.

Actionable tip #10: You are an expert; therefore, you should craft a flawless email. Test your newsletter to prevent typos, empty links etc. Read this comprehensive blog post on email testing to make sure your email is error-free.

Actionable tip #11: Chances are that not everybody on your email list has bought your product(s). Offer a subtle promotion at the end of your email or wherever else you see fit.

7. Abandoned Cart Email

Automated email suggestion

A percentage of your customers almost made a purchase, but something happened and their never finalized the transaction. They probably have forgotten about it already. An abandoned cart email is a gentle reminder that there are a few steps left to complete the transaction.

Actionable tip #12: While most customers will appreciate the email, some might find it a bit intrusive. Therefore, make sure you send it to registered customers who have already interacted with you.

8. Testimonial Email

Non-automated email suggestion

This email is a win-win. It will surely engage your customers as they have a clear reason to get back to you and you will get new testimonials. While this email isn’t likely to boost sales (although you never know), it’s a good way to interact with your subscribers and foster relationships. Next time you send out a sales newsletter make sure you include a fitting testimonial. Social proof always works well with sales.

Actionable tip #13: To cut on the wait time, make sure you incentivize your customers to receive testimonials.

Actionable tip #14: Follow up with personal thank you email and get back to their feedback to build customer relations.

9. Special Deals for Loyal Customers

Non-automated email suggestion

Make sure your loyal customers feel special and become lifetime customers and your ambassadors.

Actionable tip #12: Holding a preview evening for loyal customers only and make it an unforgettable event.

Actionable tip #13: Ask them to test developing products. Everyone loves to feel involved.

10. Seasonal Email

Non-automated email suggestion

There’s a number of holidays and events throughout the year and you should accommodate for them. Beautiful email design as well as special deals should do the trick.

Actionable tip #14: Segment your audience. Your French customers wouldn’t appreciate a Thanksgiving newsletter. You can segment your customers according to various traits (location, age, purchase history or whatever else you please). Once you’ve done so, you will be sending tailored newsletters to each group. That, in turn, will translate into higher engagement and CTR rates. Learn more about customer segmentation.

Actionable tip #15: Are you looking for a Christmas template already? Check our beautiful newsletters.

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