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Become an Email Marketing Expert with Newsletter2Go

Email marketing like a pro: use the high-performance Newsletter2Go software to run expert email campaigns.

The best in reputation management: Dedicated IPs

Take your sender reputation into your own hands with exclusive dedicated IPs. Send your emails via a dedicated IP pool that only you can use, ensuring your email deliverability is not affected by other users. We keep the IPs warm, so they are ready to use at any time.

dedicated IPs

High performance REST API

Combine our email marketing software with your own software via our REST API. Take advantage of our professional dispatch infrastructure and send to your existing contacts. We’ve also got countless free plug-ins for e-commerce, CMS and CRM systems – ensuring seamless crossover between all your favorite platforms and Newsletter2Go.

Powerful dispatch system

High performance and maximum security are an absolute priority at Newsletter2Go. You can count on our fast, reliable dispatch system to get your emails to the inbox – even when it comes to high volume campaigns. No matter what your requirements, our professional system can meet your demands.

Powerful dispatch system
custom tracking domain

Custom tracking domain

Track your click rates for every email you send and determine just how engaged your recipients are. Get real-time reports and unlock meaningful insights from a range of comprehensive statistics. Want more control over the link tracking process? Set up your own custom tracking domain in next to no time.

Earn credit paybacks for outstanding campaigns

We want to help you become an email marketing expert – and we’ll reward you for it too. If your email campaign performs above the industry average, we’ll recredit your account with a portion of the credits used. Continuously optimize your email marketing strategy and boost your ROI at the same time – find out more here.

credit payback

Optimize your email marketing strategy with Newsletter2Go.

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