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Advanced Email Marketing with Newsletter2Go

Take your email marketing to the next level. Make the most of our smart tools and features to create first-class email campaigns.

One email, multiple target groups: personalized design blocks

Get more from each email: use personalized design blocks to address different target groups within the same newsletter. Create one single campaign, but decide which recipients see which content. Save time, reduce manual effort and engage your customers.

personalized design blocks
A B testing

Perfect your strategy with A/B testing

With Newsletter2Go, you can test up to nine different versions of your email to see what performs best. Experiment with different subject lines and try out various types of content. Our software will identify the best-performing variant, helping you to achieve optimal open and click rates. Learn more about A/B testing here.

Email marketing automation: save time and boost revenue

Streamline your email marketing strategy with the help of automation. Set up automated campaigns based on user behavior and be sure to address your contacts at just the right moment. Create individual lifecycle campaigns, such as a birthday newsletter, and maintain strong customer relations – minus the manual effort.

marketing automation

Optimal delivery rates with a digital signature

Ensure top delivery rates for your emails with a DKIM signature. This identification protocol works as an anti-spam measure and helps you, as a sender, to get your emails safely to the inbox. DKIM is just one of many advanced email marketing features that help to improve delivery rates – find out more here.

Quality scores for your contacts

Understanding your audience is key. Our software rates each of your contacts based on how active they are – for example, how often they open your emails and click on links. This provides a clear indication of how engaged your audience is, and enables you to tailor your campaigns to different users.

Contact profile
time zone

Be international: navigate different time zones

Take your email marketing global with time-controlled dispatch. Set the time zone for each individual campaign and choose a send time that suits your audience – no matter where they are. Easily navigate an international customer base and achieve maximum reach for your brand.

Multivariate tracking

Find out which email content is most effective with multivariate clustering. This enables you to compare how your emails perform among different target groups, giving you clear direction for your future campaigns. With our advanced email marketing features, you have everything you need to engage your audience and drive results.

multivariate tracking

Optimize your email marketing strategy with Newsletter2Go.

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